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The Nightgaze is a flower that grows on the southern pole of Mars. Extremely sensitive, it grows only in darkness and withers at the slightest touch. It is rare and highly prized among Obsidians and the Volk. It was created by a Violet Carver.[1]

Appearance and Abilities

The Nightgaze grows on vines, described as veins. The petals are a startling silver, which emits a soft silver light. Its pollen is also silver.[2]

Its ichor is implied to have pain-killing properties.[3]


Employment of Granir

  • December, 753 PCE

After Ephraim's failed attempt to escape from Ozgard and Valdir, he is given a bowl of water with black flowers and Nightgaze ichor to ease to pain and bleeding in his feet.[3]

Hunt in the Valkyrie Ruins

  • January, 754 PCE

After the Volk (including Ephriam, Pax, and Electra) successfully kill an Ice Drake in the Martian's Southern Pole to signify the beginning of winter on the Pole, Freihild searches for Nightgaze flowers in the ruins of the Valkyrie Spires. Ephriam and Ozagard talk, and Ephriam returns to his ship, Snowball, to fetch a coat and stumbles upon a field of Nightgaze. Retrieving Ozgard, they inspect the flowers with excitement. They follow the flowers and stumble upon the seemingly abandoned throne of Alia Snowsparrow, the mother of Ragnar and Sefi. At the throne's base, they find carvings of Kuiper Ascomanni and large bootprints. Turning to flee, they find an impaled Freihild illuminated by the Nightgaze. They are then attacked by the Ascomanni, where Volsung Fá destroys Ozgard's right eye, and contests Sefi's claim to the throne of the Obsidian.[2]


  • "Nightgaze are the most tender of the Ice's life. They grow only in darkness, but oh, the light they make of their own ichor… They are truly a gift from the gods." - Ozgard, Dark Age, Chapter 41



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