(Also refereed to as Crows) are a low color. They are a 'monstrous race, only bred for war.' Obsidian is the only color to ever rebel against the Gold elite (until the Rising). After the "Dark Revolt," they were forced to live in the polar regions of Earth and Mars. Allowed no knowledge of high technology, the Obsidians worship Golds as "Sunborn" gods. In light of their ignorance of the processes of genetic manipulation and Carving, the Golds populate the lands of the Obsidians with unimaginable horrors, including bear-like pack-hunters, man-sized (and larger) marine predators and mythic beasts from Earth's ancient legends (notably: Griffins and dragons). Most Obsidians have 5 fingers per hands, though some are known to have 4 or 8 per hand, as confirmed in this tweet

Due to the incredible sense of kinship among the Obsidians, the Board of Quality Control bribes their tribal shamans to teach that touching one another will "weaken their spirit." Obsidians therefore believe in only three types of touch: The Touch of Spring (during sexual intercourse), the Touch of Summer (to save another) and the Touch of Winter (to bring death).

In battle, Obsidians chant a throaty war-song, intended to send terror into the hearts of their adversaries, as well as inspire courage and kinship among the Obsidians themselves. Their native tongue seems to be some form of Icelandic, though it is no longer called that. The language they speak is called Nagal in Morning Star but it is not know if this dialect is universal or exclusive to martian Obsidians.

Obsidians are known for their enormous height and titanic strength. They are incredibly hardy; a razor can pierce an Obsidian's armour, yet (s)he may appear totally unfazed by the injury.

Obsidians seem to be the only color without a title between names (Ex. Ragnar Volarus)

Culture Edit

Obsidian culture bears a resemblance to that of Nordic cultures, this is exemplified in the language of the Obsidians and their names (Ex. Ragnar translates to warrior in Norwegian).

Obsidian hierarchy is mostly unknown. All that is clear is that the Queen is as the top with chieftains operating underneath the Queen. It is also to be assumed that each planet has its own obsidian Queen as Sefi uniting based upon color was unexpected by the Society.

Stained Edit

Stained are among the strongest of the Obsidians, recruited by "the Gods" to serve as elite soldiers and bodyguards (but never as commanders or leaders in any capacity). They are allowed to use some martial technology (such as IonBlades) but are still largely bound by the prohibition of high technology. For any Obsidian, to touch a Razor is a capital crime. Stained are adorned with scars and tattoos (their "Stains," earned as accolades for their achievements in combat) and are typically bald or mostly-bald. All known stained also have eyes tattooed on their eyelids.

Notable Obsidians Edit

  • Ragnar Volarus, the Shield of Tinos
  • Sefi the Quiet, breaker of Tanos
  • Alia Snowsparrow, Queen of the Valkyrie, mother of Ragnar and Sefi
  • Volga Fjorgan, kidnapped Pax and Electra
  • Alfrún
  • Volga
  • Helga, often mentioned by Pax au Telemanus
  • Wulfgar, Warden of the Republic
  • Gorgo, bodyguard for the crime lord known as the Duke of Hands