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Olympic Knights have no master but our conscience. We defend the Society's Compact, subservient only to duty.
Fitchner au Barca - Golden Son, Chapter 13

The Olympic Knights are an elite group of twelve Gold knights, supposedly the greatest and most skilled warriors in all of the solar system, who serve as the force that protects the Sovereign and uphold the Compact of The Society.

Crests of the Olympic Knights, by Khuzdul1


The Olympic Knights all wear unique armor meant to represent the dominant themes of man, like the Institute Houses, and separate them from other Golds. Each Knight wears a cloak emblazoned with the pyramid of the Society and a signet ring bearing the Olympic Crest.[1] Some of the older knights, such as Lorn au Arcos, often refuse to wash their armor out of superstition, as they believe that they might wash away the good luck that enables them to survive.[2]


Red Rising

  • 738 PCE

During Darrow's time in the Institute, rumors of the Morning and Rage Knight positions opening begin to spread throughout the Society.

The Death of Anastasia

  • 739 PCE

The Love Knight retires, and his daughter Kalindora au San begs Octavia au Lune to let her take her father's post.

Due to his close friendship with Brutus, Fear Knight Atlas au Raa is sent to the Kuiper Belt to wipe out the Ascomanni. To cement Atlas' exile, Octavia appoints Asmodeus au Carthii as the Fear Knight.

  • 740 PCE

Atlas au Raa reports that his fleet has been ambushed, with only two ships remaining. Octavia orders him to continue radio silence, and writes Atlas off as dead.

Golden Son

  • 741 PCE

Lorn au Arcos and Venetia au Rein officially retire from their posts as Rage and Morning Knight. After proving their worthiness in Luna's Dueling Circuit and The Olympic Trails, Fitchner au Barca beats Proctor Jupiter for the Rage Knight post, and Cassius au Bellona takes the role of Morning Knight.

  • 742 PCE

In his attempt to steal the moonBreaker from the Ganymede Docks, Nero manages to decapitate the Hearth Knight before being captured by Fitchner and a fully-mended Cassius.

The Solar War

  • 744-746 PCE

Sometime between 744-746 PCE Darrow liberates The Den in the Eternal City from the Shadow Knight.

  • 747 PCE

Atlas au Raa completes his mission and returns from the Kuiper Belt to reassume his post as Fear Knight.

Olympic Knights

Morning Knight

Rage Knight

  • Armor - Dark red; helmet in the shape of a laughing wolf's head
  • Known Society Holders
  • Other Mentioned Holders
    • Unnamed Rim Dominion Holder described as "toadish woman with huge eyes"

Protean Knight

  • Armor - Gold and midnight blue. Emblazoned with blue sea serpents
  • Known Society Holders

Storm Knight

  • Armor - Dark gray cloak
  • Known Society Holders
  • Known Rim Dominion Holders
  • Other Unnamed Holders
    • Unnamed Society Holder killed by Darrow during the Solar War

Wind Knight

  • Unnamed Holders
    • Unnamed Society Holder killed by Ragnar during the Lion's Rain

Hearth Knight

  • Armor - Shade of bright flames
  • Unnamed Holders
    • Unnamed Society Holder killed by Nero during an attempt to steal the moonBreaker

Truth Knight

  • Armor - Stark white cloak
  • Known Rim Dominion Holders
  • Unnamed Holders
    • Unnamed Society Holder killed by Cassius during The Rising

Joy Knight

Death Knight

  • Armor - Pure black
  • Known Society Holders
    • Unnamed Society Holder killed by Ragnar during Quicksilver's kidnapping
    • Unnamed Society Holder killed by Darrow during Orion's rescue

Cloud Knight

  • No information

Fear Knight

Love Knight

  • Armor - Winged swan shoulders with a flaming heart in the center of the breastplate
  • Known Society Holders

The Shadow Knight

In Chapter 16 of Iron Gold, a thirteenth Olympic Knight was mentioned, The Shadow Knight. Pierce Brown has not announced the Shadow Knight as canon or just a discrepancy, but Pierce was asked about this during the Dark Age Tour.


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