Orion xe Aquarii is a Blue. She was born a docker, and managed to rise through the ranks. She eventually ended up as the pilot of the prized ship of the Lunar armada.

Background Edit

Though of a poor background, her parents did all they could to support her, and she entered into service on the flag ship without even attending a prestigious school or keeping membership in a Sect.


Orion is unlike many other Blues and even other lowColors, being outspoken, bold, and very casual around her superiors and higher colors. She is very confident about her abilities as a leader and a pilot, and has a bold, materialistic nature, operating as a pirate and lining her room with valuables.


Like most Blues, her head is bald and covered with digiTats, however, not only do they run down her neck, but also her arms and hands as well, pulsing when she interfaces with electronics. She is said to have an olive complexion.

Golden SonEdit

She becomes the captain of the Pax and gets it away from the pursuit of Lunar ships.