The Pandemonium Chair is a device that Octavia au Lune had made by Violet Carvers and Orange Master Makers that could shift through and edit memories. The Chair causes neuron activity in the prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes, which it then converts to visual and auditory replications.

In Dark Age, Virginia au Augustus reveals that the Pandemonium Chair was discovered in Octavia's Crescent Vault after her death. She calls it a "blunt-force instrument" and "a battering ram into the mind". Virginia used the technology of the Chair, refined it, and used it to develop her psychoSpikes.[1]

It is stated that Octavia only used the Pandemonium Chair twice.[2] After Anastasia au Lune's death, she used it on Lysander to erase his memories of his mother.[3] It is unclear what the second time was.

It is unknown if the effects of the Pandemonium Chair (and the psychoSpikes) are permanent.[1]

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