Pax au Telemanus was the son of Kavax au Telemanus and brother of Daxo au Telemanus. He was a very large and well-built Gold and went to the Institute the same time as Darrow. He was in House Minerva. He is known for yelling out his name as a war cry during a battle.

After Darrow takes control over Mustang's house at the Institute, Darrow gains respect and loyalty from Pax after beating him in man-to-man combat. He was instrumental in taking House Ceres, along with Tactus au Rath.

At Darrow's insistence, Pax was forced to whip Darrow twenty-five times as a show of unified punishment when Tactus was whipped, which traumatized Pax.

Pax's final show of loyalty to Darrow happens when the Jackal tries to kill Darrow, but Pax prevents it from happening by using his body as a shield against the Jackal's blade. He was stabbed eleven times by the Jackal.

Appearance Edit

Pax is over seven feet tall and built like an Obsidian. He is described as short-haired, with small eyes and has a chin like a heel with a dent in it. He is also partially of Pacific Islander descent, from his mother.

Quotes Edit

"PAX AU TELEMANUS!" - Red Rising