Pebble is one of the original Howlers. Named by Cassius for her small size before the Passage at the Institute. She was one of the lowDrafts (dregs) of House Mars.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Red Rising[edit | edit source]

In Red Rising when House Mars is divided into four tribes, Pebble is one of the original members of Darrow and Cassius' tribe. Whenever a goat or sheep was slaughtered, Pebble would leave food at the walls of Castle Mars and watch like a child as wolves would come in fours or threes to eat what she had put out. In the Institute under Sevro's command, and with Thistle, Screwface, Clown, and Weed, she becomes one of the original six Howlers. Thus helping Darrow stay in power as the other students began to fear the Howlers. Pebble, along with Mustang and Thistle, are the ones who chase down the last Apollo girl who tries to escape with the Apollo standard. After Olympus is taken, Darrow and the Howlers return to House Mars where Clown and Pebble are ordered to enslave the besieging Jupiter, Apollo, and Pluto students.

Iron Gold[edit | edit source]

In Iron Gold, she is married to fellow Howler, Clown. Pebble remains alive at the end of Iron Gold and returns to Luna with Sevro. [1]

Dark Age[edit | edit source]

In Dark Age, she is captured by the Abomination and Lilath.

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References[edit | edit source]

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