The Peerless Scarred know that dark deeds are carried through life. They cannot be outrun. They must be worn if one is to rule. This is their first lesson.

Peerless Scarred by Eli Powell ©

Peerless Scarred are Golds whose faces bear a scar, signifying their power and strength. The scar of achievement is awarded to them for outstanding performance at The Institute. The scar of the Peerless is sometimes portrayed as a crescent shape, under the right eye; with the points of the crescent facing up. As of early Golden Son, there are 132,689 Peerless Scarred, according to Octavia au Lune, who has access to the Board's census data. As a result of the events thereafter in Golden Son, the number has since dwindled.

Sons of ares arturus scar.PNG

List of Known Peerless Scarred[edit | edit source]

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