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Phobos means "fear." In mythology, he was the son of Aphrodite and Ares, the fruit of love and war. It is an appropriate name for the largest of Mars' moons.

Phobos is the largest of the moons of Mars. Priam's mother is the owner of the writings of Phobos and Deimos.


Phobos was formed long before the age of man, when a meteorite struck father Mars and flung debris into orbit. There it floated like a castoff corpse, dead and abandoned for a billion years. Now it teems with the parasitic life that pumps blood into the veins of the Gold empire. Swarms of tiny fat-bodied cargo ships rise from Mars’ surface to funnel into the two huge docks that encircle the moon. There, they transfer the bounty of Mars to the kilometer-long cosmosHaulers that will bear the treasure along the great Julii-Agos trade routes to the Outer Worlds or, more likely, towards Sol, where hungry Luna and the Core worlds wait to be fed.

The sterile stone of Phobos was left hollow by man and wrapped in metal. The moon is twelve kilometers at its widest. Under the docks, and sometimes protruding above them by the sides in the form of spiky towers, stands the Hive: a jagged city that was not formed in accordance to Iron Gold ideas, but according to those of the wildest of architects not limited by gravity. Six centuries of buildings pierce Phobos, largest pincushion that man has ever built. And the disparity of wealth between the inhabitants of the Needles, the tips of the buildings where the highColors live in luxury, and the Hollow, the slums in the interior of the moon's rock, is a gaping chasm.


  • The Needles - Where the highColors live.
    • Quicksilver's Double Helix Towers
    • Society Military Spire
    • Skyresh Interplanetary Spaceport
    • Ancient Art Museum
    • Park Plaza
    • Banking Cluster
  • The Hive - Where Blues live and train.
  • The Hollows - Where lowColors live.