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Pinks are a lower level Color who are unparalleled in beauty.

They are bred and trained for the physical arts of pleasure and sex in the Gardens. Originally, pinks were created solely to be beautiful, but many owners found it too one-dimensional and shallow. Pinks, especially Roses, are trained in the arts of human interaction. They are taught to read human body language and to entice their masters mentally as well as physically.

Pinks, while beautiful, are extremely delicate. Their bones are easily fractured and they have a very low pain tolerance. This is demonstrated throughout all books in Matteo, the Duke of Hands, and many other Pinks.

During their youth, they are implanted with a device called Cupid's Kiss that exposes them to constant pain. It is located around the spine and gives a constant burning sensation in the spine and an unending headache. The Kiss is only removed once a Pink begins physical training, around the age of twelve. Early on, many Pinks believe the pleasure comes from the service they are providing, but in reality, it is the lack of pain from the Kiss. The Kiss is a constant threat that forces Pinks to submit to the will of their owners.

Pinks can work in a variety of locations, from whorehouses to the rooms of the highest families. However, because they serve to complete one purpose, they are lowColors.

Due to the nature of their work, Pinks are chemically sterilized.

Pinks have the highest suicide rate out of all the colors, twelve times higher than any other.

Notable Pinks include:

A random Pink (art credit: Instagram @s_deambrosis)


A Rose is a highly valued Pink, trained in the Gardens. They are extremely expensive and coveted by the rich and powerful. They are worth around about the same as a Stained Obsidian.

"In the Gardens, they teach us body empathy as well as the art of shadow dancing- a proportional mimicking of body language to make the subject feel at ease... it facilitates emotional bonding. It makes me ghastly good at sniffing out liars." - Duke of Hands

Notable Roses: