Pliny au Velocitor is a Gold of the Martian house Augustus, serving as their Chief Politico. He is a vain and arrogant man, caring for very little beyond his own selfish interests. He was the one who brought Leto into House Augustus, knowing that it's patriarch, Nero au Augustus, would be reminded of his late son Claudius

Pliny is killed by Peerless Scarred from his own retinue after being publicly humiliated by Darrow au Andromedus for betraying House Augustus in favor of the Sovereign.

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A crafty, scheming, grasping man, Pliny is vain, haughty, and treacherous, looking out for his own well-being first and eliminating those who get in his way. While he is clever, he lacks wisdom, bravery, and foresight. He is a lustful man, harbouring an attraction for Virginia, though he outwardly mocks and disparages her.


Pliny was as slender as a salamander and had skin as smooth as a Pink. He was muscular, yet in a utterly facile way. His golden hair was coiled and scented, his eyelashes glittered and his lips were often coated with a muted lipstick.


Pliny is serving as the Chief Politico for Nero au Augustus. Seeing Darrow's rise as a threat to his own power, he conspires against him, and counsels Augustus to release him after his loss to Karnus au Bellona at the Academy. After Augustus's rebellion against Lune begins (instigated by Darrow), Pliny consistently counsels Augustus to make peace. When he is unsuccessful, he betrays the Augustans, turning them over to Lune and the Bellona in exchange for being named the new ArchGovernor of Mars. In an effort to legitimate his rule, he attempts to forcibly marry Mustang, but she escapes, gouging out his eye in the process. Mustang brings Darrow (whom Pliny believed to be dead) and the rest of their uncaptured allies back from the Rim. Darrow rallies the Augustus bannermen against Pliny, who is quickly killed by his own allies.


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