The primary weapon of Golds in single combat, the Razor is a symbol of Gold's right to rule. As such, the punishment for anyone other than Gold using razors is heavy. For an Obsidian, the punishment for merely touching the weapon is death by starvation. During The Rising, Darrow of Lykos encouraged lower Colors to wield Razors, a symbol that true power rests in the hands of the common people.

Description Edit

The "blade" of the razor is made of Polyenne Fiber and is harder than diamond. The blade is about a meter long when stiffened and can be toggled into the form of a whip twice the length of the stiffened blade, via a button. When in Whip form, It's shape can be altered into anything at will with a chemical impulse. As a result, the Razor is an incredibly versatile weapon. The razor is incredibly sharp and can even pierce RecoilArmor.

Though it is meant to be worn on the belt, different generations of Golds have adopted different traditions for the carrying of a Razor. It has been noted as having been worn as a sash, and more recently around the forearm (Popularized by the Reaper). Lorn au Arcos expresses his disdain for the newer method of wearing razors around the forearm, criticizing the possibility of accidental maiming.

Razors are constructed by a specific Orange profession, called Artificers.

Rim Razors - Hasta & Kitari Edit

Razors of The Rim Dominion are called "Hasta." They have longer blades, reaching two meters when solid and over three in whip form. They are described to be more of a Lance rather than a sword.

Rim Golds also use a short thrusting razor called a "Kitari," which rests in a scabbard on the left hip. They can be used simultaneously with a Hasta, for close quarters combat, or just by themselves. They are probably half a meter when solid, and a meter when in whip form.

Razor History Edit

It is not known when the first Razor was created, but it was sometime before The Conquering. Razors were the main weapons of Golds and Obsidians (implied) up until the Dark Revolt. The Dark Revolt ended with the only Colour allowed to touch a Razor being the Golds themselves. The punishment for an Obsidian touching a razor was the most severe of all, with the Obsidian in question punished by death via starvation.

Around 450 years later, Revus au Raa, the then Archgovenor of Io, banned all Ionians from dueling on Luna, and most Rim Houses followed. After this, there have been very few occasions when the styles of the Rim and the Core have come into contact.

About 50 years later, during the Lion's Rain, Darrow of Lykos encouraged lowColours to weild Razors, Obsidians in particular. Among these obsidians were Ragnar Volarus and Wulfgar.

Blade Shapes Edit

Most Golds have their Razors straight and long, but some like to have their Razor blades in specific shapes.

  • Darrow of Lykos prefers to have his Razor in the shape of a slingBlade, a tool he used in the mines of Lykos and in the Martian Institute.
  • Lysander au Lune likes to have his blade in the shape of the House Lune Symbol.
  • Darrow and Mustang used thicker, shorter blades when in close confines in Morning Star.

Engravings & Handles Edit

Some Razors have special inscriptions on them, detailing personal triumphs or family achievements and glories carved into them.

  • Cassius au Bellona had the triumphs of the Bellona family engraved into the blade of his razor.
  • On Darrow's blade in Morning Star, Sevro commissioned engravings of what he loved: his family.

Other Razors have special handles, such as that of Lorn au Arcos or Wulfgar, which is fashioned from the fang from an Ice Dragon.

Blade Colors Edit


Razor as depicted in the graphic novel "Red Rising: Sons of Ares"

Most Razors are white/silver in color, but they have been known to come in different colors.

Combat Styles Edit

There are many fighting styles within the Society. Here is a list.

Kravat Edit

The style of Kravat is used by most Golds of the Core. Sparring is a common pastime among Golds and masters of Kravat are well-respected among their peers.

Rules of Engagement Edit

  • 4 seconds, 6 moves per set.
  • Kinetic violence. Retreat. Assess. Engage. (In 4 seconds)

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The Willow Way Edit

The Willow Way is a derivation on the commonly used Kravat. This style of fighting was created and taught by legendary RazorMaster and Rage Knight for 60 years, Lorn au Arcos. He developed The Willow Way as a means of countering what he saw as the inherent failings of Wide-spread Kravat. Lorn was famous for not taking apprentices, but made exceptions for Aja au Grimmus and Darrow of Lykos.

Rules of Engagement Edit

  • Alternate bewteen 6 seconds, 12 moves per set and 7 seconds, 12 moves per set.
  • Never retreat. Move side to side.
  • "A fool pulls the leaves. A brute chops the trunk. A sage digs the roots."

Stances Edit

  • Summer Hold

Moves Edit

  • Snapping Branch Gambit

Known Users Edit

Shadowfall Edit

This style of combat is designed for use with Hasta and Kitari, and is therefore only used by Rim Golds. Masters of this style are called "Shades."

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  • The Shadowfall

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Famous RazorMasters Edit

Famous Razors Edit

  • Shizuka - The Razor of Gaia au Raa