A list of people and companies associated with helping Pierce Brown bring the Red Rising universe to fruition.

PEOPLE[edit | edit source]

Joel Daniel Phillips[edit | edit source]

A cartographer and good friend of Pierce Brown's. He is the artist behind The Society's Sigils, The Institute House Crests, and maps for the Red Rising Saga.

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Rik Hoskin[edit | edit source]

One of the writers of the Sons of Ares Comic Books, along with Pierce Brown. The comics are published by Dynamite Entertainment, with art done by Eli Powell.

Eli Powell[edit | edit source]

The head artist for the Sons of Ares Comics, co-written by Pierce Brown and Rik Hoskin, published by Dynamite Entertainment.

PUBLISHERS[edit | edit source]

Del Rey Books[edit | edit source]

The publishing company of the Red Rising Saga. It is a branch of Ballantine Books, which is owned by Penguin Random House. It is a separate imprint established in 1977 under the editorship of author Lester del Rey and his wife Judy-Lynn del Rey. It specializes in science fiction and fantasy books.

Dynamite Entertainment[edit | edit source]

The comic book publishing company of the Sons of Ares comics. The company was established in 2004 and has been nominated for several industry awards. 

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MERCHANDISE[edit | edit source]

Badali Jewelry[edit | edit source]

A family-owned and operated company located in Layton, Utah. They specialize in custom-made and fantasy-related jewelry, and are the official license for Red Rising jewelry. 

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Shit Escalates[edit | edit source]

Shit Escalates is a Red Rising themed online merchandise store set up by Pierce Brown and Joel Daniel Phillips during the Covid-19 Pandemic in order to help small businesses in their community.


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