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A list of people and companies associated with helping Pierce Brown bring the Red Rising universe to fruition.


Joel Daniel Phillips

A cartographer and good friend of Pierce Brown's. He is the artist behind The Society's Sigils, The Institute House Crests, and maps for the Red Rising Saga.

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Rik Hoskin

One of the writers of the Sons of Ares Comic Books, along with Pierce Brown. The comics are published by Dynamite Entertainment, with art done by Eli Powell.

Eli Powell

The head artist for the Sons of Ares Comics, co-written by Pierce Brown and Rik Hoskin, published by Dynamite Entertainment.


Del Rey Books

The publishing company of the Red Rising Saga. It is a branch of Ballantine Books, which is owned by Penguin Random House. It is a separate imprint established in 1977 under the editorship of author Lester del Rey and his wife Judy-Lynn del Rey. It specializes in science fiction and fantasy books.

Dynamite Entertainment

The comic book publishing company of the Sons of Ares comics. The company was established in 2004 and has been nominated for several industry awards. 

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Badali Jewelry

A family-owned and operated company located in Layton, Utah. They specialize in custom-made and fantasy-related jewelry, and are the official license for Red Rising jewelry. 

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Shit Escalates

Shit Escalates is a Red Rising themed online merchandise store set up by Pierce Brown and Joel Daniel Phillips during the Covid-19 Pandemic in order to help small businesses in their community.