Revus au Raa was Romulus au Raa's father, and the archGovernor of Io.

He was known for his honor and his hospitality, even toward those who were spying or mocking him behind his back. He was known to be respectful and gentle, and outsiders often tried to take advantage of him.

Notably, he forbade Ionians from dueling on Luna, and many other Rim houses followed his lead. This likely helped to keep Shadowfall a secret from the Core.

Revus was killed in the purge instituted by the Jackal and the Sovereign. This was called a mistake, although it was implied and likely intentional to provoke the Moon Lords.

His heirs were instrumental in stealing and/or destroying the Societal Garrison Fleet before declaring Io's independence, leading to the Second Moon Lord rebellion.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Power lies where honor reigns." - Diomedes au Raa, talking about Revus

"They mistook grace for weakness." Diomedes au Raa, talking about Revus

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