Rhone ti Flavinius is a Gray featured in Dark Age.

He served as second-in-command of Legio XIII Dracones under Aja au Grimmus and was also Lysander au Lune's shooting instructor in the Citadel on Luna. As of Dark Age, he is a SubLegate and commands the First Cohort Praetorian Guard[2], who are sworn to protect the Lune family.[3]

He trained Holiday ti Nakamura and Trigg ti Nakamura.[4]

At the end of Dark Age, Lysander makes Rhone his Dux (his right hand man).[5]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is described as the most famous Gray alive, with the face of a "young-gunslinger-turned-old-centurion". His cheeks are covered with black and gold teardrops, presumably kill markings.[6]

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