Skuggi are Obsidian spirit warriors and assassins. They always are around a shaman. Sefi orders Ephraim to train her skuggi in skillgifts. All the skuggi are young. The skuggi are more slender than Valdir and his Stormbreakers of the brutish Valkyrie. The skuggi are more like deer than elk. Freihild is the vynKjr (leader) of the skuggi. All of Sefi's skuggi are orphans from ruins of shattered tribes. They promise their spirits to the Queen and their loyalty is beyond their flesh so their wombs are stripped. Their seed are made infertile by Sefi's shaman, Ozgard.

Sefi admits Howlers and Gorgons are more than assassins while her skuggi are not. Her skuggi only provide one solution: death. They're practical. The skuggi hunted and killed six thousand of the Red Hand but Sefi wants Ephraim to teach them unconventional domestic warfare like spycraft. Ephraim knows skuggi are Servants of Allmother Death and that Obsidians don't like Grays so is nervous but agrees. He teaches two hundred skuggi with black eyes. Some of the skuggi, like Freihild, are barely taller than Ephraim, others are built like tree stumps, other taller than Ragnar. Others spindly and clever-faced. None over the age of thirty.

Each wear their bone-white hair in a topknot and a pale blue sleeveless tunic with the All-tribe's winged crest tattooed in black on either shoulder.

The skuggi prove their learning when they take down the defense grid in the heist of the mines of Cimmeria. When Ephraim tries to warn Sefi about Xenophon, Ozgard takes eighty loyal skuggi to try and free Valdir. However the Valkyrie kill most of those skuggi, skin them, and display them to Ephraim, all of the skinned corpses being male and castrated.

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Heist of the Mines of Cimmeria

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