Red Slang Edit

  • Bloody - Originated from Ireland due to the Red’s Irish ancestry. Used as a prefix for similar words such as bloodydamn, bloodyhell etc.
  • ​​​​​Turd in the Swillbowl - The Red counterpart to "Fly in the Wine;" means that someone is a rotten apple
  • Don't get your frysuit in a twist - lowRed version of "Don't get your knickers in a knot"
  • Goldbrow - Slang term for a Gold. Used by lowColors, but mainly Reds.

Gray Slang Edit

  • Yut - Legion speak for denoting an affirmation, usually done to convey affirmative sarcasm to a disliked officer
  • Merrywater ad Portas - Shouted by centuries of leggionares, in memory of John Merrywater, as a reminder that the enemy is always at the gate
  • Shiny - Dog Tongue for "Prime."

Gold Slang Edit

  • Slag - Used by Golds. Disparaging swear words like 'Sh*t' or 'F*ck'
  • Gory - The Gold version of 'bloody'. Used as a prefix for words such as goryhell , gorydamn. Considered to be exclusive to Golds
  • Prime - Used by Golds. Another way of saying good/great
  • Fastlike - Used by Golds. Means "Quickly"
  • Fly in the Wine - The Gold counterpart to "Turd in the Swillbowl;" means that someone is a rotten apple 
  • Jove - Common in the Iron Gold era, used in place of God, i.e. "By Jove!" "Hope to Jove" "Jove in Hell" 
  • Reaper - What the fallen Peerless Scarred mutter as a curse after The Fall of the Society 

Others Edit

  • Dog Tongue - Degrading term for Legion speak, Usually said by highColors 
  • Limie/Limey - Term used by low and mid colours for greens 
  • Gahja - Rim term for "Outsider," or "Someone from the Core." Derived from original Japanese, the native tongue of House Raa, before the arrival of the South African Golds to the Rim. 
  • Engine before the Ship - Updated version of "Cart before the Horse." 
  • Crow - Slang term for an Obsidian. Used by all colours but Obsidian. 
  • Penny/Pennies/Pennyhead - Degrading slag term used for Coppers. 

Latin Edit

The following are statements used by Golds, in Latin.

  • Quid pro quo - means "Something for something."