Darrow's slingBlade on official artwork

General info[edit | edit source]

The slingBlade is a curved blade used in some lowColor tasks, specifically among lowReds and Browns. It has two known variants, one used in lowRed mines, and one used for reaping crops among Brown farmers. Following the growth in popularity of The Rising, the slingBlade quickly became a political symbol.

LowRed variant[edit | edit source]

The lowRed version of the slingBlade is said to have less of a curve to it than its agricultural counterpart. This variant is used in lowRed mines, and seems to be used almost exclusively to take off and cauterizing limbs in the case that they get caught in a miner's ClawDrill. It is described by Darrow to be as long as his leg. Helldivers almost always carry a slingBlade with them while mining.

Agricultural variant[edit | edit source]

The agricultural version of the slingBlade is the most curved known variant. It's said to be used among farmers to reap grain, hence the extra curve. This variant is truly only shown in use (in the series) during Darrow's time in the Institute, where he finds it and is quickly familiar with its similarities to the lowRed variant.

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