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Song and Dance are important aspects of both Red and Gold culture in the Red Rising Saga. here is a list of those found throughout canon texts:


The Reaping Song

Note: Read more at The Reaping Song.

The Reaping Song is a song in Red Culture outlawed by the Golds, punishable by death if sung. It details of one day overthrowing Gold rule. It is only known to have been sung five times, the most famous of those being sung by Eo.

My love, my love
Remember the cries
When winter died for spring skies
They roared and roared
But we grabbed our seed
And sowed a song
Against their greed

My son, my son
Remember the chains
When gold ruled with iron reins
We roared and roared
And twisted and screamed
For ours, a vale
Of better dreams

Down in the vale
Hear the reaper swing, the reaper swing
The reaper swing
Down in the vale
Hear the reaper sing
A tale of winter done

Mauler, Brawler, Legacy Hauler

Mauler, Brawler, Legacy Hauler is a creed chant ingrained into gray soldiers by the instructing veterans.[1]

Chop 'em if they're taller.
Stomp 'em if they're smaller.
Mauler, brawler, legacy hauler,
smoke that crow, earn his holler.
Mauler, brawler, legacy hauler,
smoke that ant, pay off your collar.

One more time, you fuckin' dogs!

Mauler, brawler, legacy hauler...

He Who Walks the Void

He Who Walks the Void is a song sung in Nagal, likely composed by Xenophon.[2]

There was one mighter 'fore Allmother's reign
Allfather, King of Stains, was his name.
For him, Old Kuthul rose against Sunborn
Till in Ladon he was felled, for no kin to mourn
To the fires his people and the Volk were sent
But not all to ash and bone must we lament

From sun to dust did the moon and dragons chase
The brood of Kuthul, who hid in darkest space,

Five ages passed of shadow and ice
Entomed in floating caverns, unted like rabid mice

Blossoms of blood and thrones of flesh were grown
As brother ate brother; sister ate sister
for a saviour, Allfather groaned

Then came the Outlander to answer his plea
Mighty were the lords of Ink, mighter was He.
Whores of their children, shards of their thrones
Made He, who crowned Himself with their bones
And fashioned Dark Wind of those not destroyed
To serve, to anoint, to proclaim:
He Who Walks the Void

Battlecry of the Lightbringer

Battlecry of the Lightbringer is an anchient hymn, likely composed sometime after The Conquering. It was sung during Lysander's Triumph.[3]



The Reaping Dance

The Reaping Dance is a dance that accompanies The Reaping Song, and is punishable by death if performed.[4] Darrow's father, Dale, was hung for performing it along with several others in a peaceful protest for increased rations.[5][6]

The Polemides

The Polemides is one of five dances in Gold Culture, and the dance of war. It is used to prepare children for martial combat and razor use. Darrow claims it to be exteremly similar to The Reaping Dance. Polemides is Greek for "Child of War."[4]


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