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Sons of Ares: Volume 1 is the first volume of three graphic novels, creating the Sons of Ares Graphic Novel Trilogy. They serve as a prequel to the Red Rising Trilogy, and are written by Pierce Brown and Rik Hoskin with art by Eli Powell, and published by Dynamite Entertainment.

It was announced by both Pierce and Dynamite in July of 2016,[1] and was subsequently released issue by issue from May to October of 2017.

Volume One consists of 6 Issues, following Fitchner au Barca's time in the Institute, his meeting of Bryn, and the eventual birth of Sevro au Barca and the Sons of Ares.

Plot Summary

As a baby, Fitchner was selected, considered an aberration of Golds, by the Board of Quality Control, and was left to undergo The Exposure due to his small size. After managing to survive the elements for three days, the Board permitted his parents to take him home. Growing up, he was bullied incessantly and struggled to belong, but he was able to survive, making his first kill at The Passage. During his time at The Institute, where he was part of House Mars, he was befriended by the Primus of House JupiterArturius au Vardan. They helped each other and both succeeded as Peerless Scarred.

Arturius had said he would take Fitchner, possibly as a lancer, in his House, but the matriarch was adamant against it, threatening disinheritance if Arturius insisted. Arturius relented and Fitchner left to serve under an upcoming Silver on Triton. Though he felt he had no care for any of the others there, no matter their color, he saved ten people during an earthquake, including a Red named Bryn.

He and Bryn fell in love and married, despite it being illegal. He was able to bring her and her sister, Ryanna, with him to New Thebes on Mars, where he worked under Regulus ag Sun, who knew about Fitchner and Bryn's marriage, but kept their secret so that Fitchner could dispose of whomever he needed gone.

Because of Bryn's physical incompatibility to bear a child for Fitchner, he found a Carver willing to do surgery on her. It was then that Sevro was born.

Arturius reappeared in Fitchner's life, and was a Prefect for the Board of Quality Control. Eventually Bryn's carver was busted for illegal work on an Obsidian gladiator, the secret of Sevro's parentage was discovered and Arturius took in Bryn for questioning as to who the child's father was. As Fitchner and Ryanna, Fenix and Cylax, assistants of Fitchner's, and Doran, a love interest of Ryanna, tried to make their way in to rescue Bryn and Sevro, Bryn eventually found a way to escape as well. However, when she was surrounded, with Fitchner a few levels below her, she risked throwing Sevro to Fitchner, choosing to accept her fate to save Sevro.

Arturius caught up with Fitchner, and after cutting off his hand, made Fitchner choose between his wife and his son as one final act of love for his Institute brother. Fitchner chose Sevro, leaving Bryn to imprisonment and death.


  • Issue One - The Child on the Rock
  • Issue Two - Now / Then
  • Issue Three - Drowning on Triton
  • Issue Four - Double Life on Mars
  • Issue Five - Raw War
  • Issue Six - Birth of a Myth


Sons of Ares

  • Fitchner au Barca - Father to Sevro au Barca. A Gold.
  • Bryn of Cryssos - Wife to Fitchner au Barca, and mother to Sevro au Barca. A highRed.
  • Ryanna of Cryssos - Sister to Bryn and sister-in-law to Fitchner. A highRed.
  • Sevro au Barca - Son to Fitchner and Bryn.
  • Fenix - Assistant to Fitchner. A Gray.
  • Cylax si Nexiti - Tech expert for Fitchner, and the North Lovelock Engine of Triton before him. A Green.
  • Doran - A construction worker in New Thebes with Bryn and Ryanna. A highRed.

The Society

  • Arturius au Vardan - Primus of House Jupiter. Best friend of Fitchner and Prefect for the Board of Quality Control. A Gold.
  • Irenia au Vardan - The mother of Arturius au Vardan. A Gold.
  • Regulus ag Sun - CEO of Sun Industries. Best known as Quicksilver, and owns Fitchner au Barca's contract.
  • Varus au Celinius - A Gold. Organizes disposal services for public buildings, including the facility of the Board of Quality Control.
  • Theron au Aktler - Commodities Expert.
  • Mommy Cryssos

Triton's North Lovelock Engine Crew

  • Licenius cu Coriba - The Administrator for the North Lovelock Engine on Triton. A Copper.
  • Janis au Gerard - Governor of the North Lovelock Engine on Triton. A Gold.
  • Anthousa cu Barda - A Copper. Handles requisition orders.
  • Doctor Croissy - A Yellow. Oversees vaccinations.

Institute Students

  • Tania au Speranta - A Gold attending the Institute with Fitchner. She graduated with a Peerless Scar.
  • Anicetus - A Gold attending the Institute with Fitchner. He was killed with Gaianna.
  • Gaianna - A Gold attending the Institute with Fitchner. She was killed with Anicetus.

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