A list of games and/or sports mentioned in the Red Rising universe and associated with various cultures within the castes.

Bloodchess[edit | edit source]

One of the several competitive games Golds indulge in, alongside fauxWar and Gravcross. 

  • Julian enjoys Bloodchess.

Gravcross[edit | edit source]

A game or type of sport Golds play. It frequently involves gambling alongside it.

  • When Cassius meets Darrow for the first time, he asks him if he likes Gravcross. (Red Rising, Ch. 15: The Testing)

FauxWar[edit | edit source]

A popular sport in the Society, consisting of teams of Obsidians competing in gladiatorial combat. Most planets and moons have local sports clubs for prominent teams.

  • Julian was a Nortown fan. Darrow rooted for the Yorkton Supernova one.
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