Large mechanized full-body suit of armor and weaponry that is able to be launched out of spit-tubes on spaceships in orbit around a planet. When launched through atmosphere, the StarShells are covered by a layer of ablative armor which burns away during atmospheric entry. Landing is achieved with gravBoots that are part of the armor.  Starshells are commonly equipped with powerful Pulsecannonand missile launchers, powerful enough to sink a watership, i.e a seaborne warship.

StarShells are generally used during an Iron Rain (and are where the Iron Rain gets its name from - a figurative rain of soldiers in suits of "iron").  They are incredibly strong - able to withstand attacks from most weapons short of large railguns and razors.  They're also incredibly heavy, without the battery packs contained within (or if an EMP disables the electronics) the occupant would be unable to move.