The Figment is the name of a freelancer/piece of technology.

It appears that the Figment, rather than being a person, is the name of an implant that syncs to a person, allowing them to become "the Figment". It looks like a tiny metal squid with hundreds of hairlike arms tipped with little fibers. [1] It grants the user "advantages" such as improved hearing and sight, even X-Ray vision.

“O my mountain hyacinth, what shepherds trod upon you with clumsy, rustic foot?

Now you are a broken seal: a scarlet stain upon the earth.

Figmentum es Figmentum es Figmentum es


Accolades, sister. You have killed Figment. You are Figment. Do not report for duty. My wrath be thine.

Hosts[edit | edit source]

Fig[edit | edit source]

The Figment in Iron Gold and Dark Age, often just called Fig, is described as a Brown woman in her mid-thirties, with two moles, a hooked nose, and untidy hair. [2] She also has white tattoos. [3]

Lyria[edit | edit source]

After Fig's death, the Figment sync with Lyria . While it occasionally works for her, it seems to have been damaged in the crash that killed Fig. The Figment tells her "Figment functionality impaired. Seek repairs at the Womb upon soonest convenience," but can't tell her the location of the Womb due to the geolocation function being unavailable. [4] Pax au Augustus later tells Lyria that he's hacked her medical reports, and knows about the parasite - he has read about it previously in Virginia au Augustus's, his mother's, files. He then sends Lyria to Oculus, a mysterious city. [5]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Iron Gold[edit | edit source]

In Iron Gold, Fig kidnaps Lyria on Victra au Julii's orders, though her name is not revealed until the sequel. Ephraim ti Horn names The Figment as one of three thieves as talented as him [6]

Dark Age[edit | edit source]

In Dark Age , as Fig is dying, she tells Lyria that she can feel it unsyncing "just like she said", suggesting that Fig herself received the technology from someone else. [7]

Volga says that Quicksilver put a huge bounty on Fig because she stole something from him [8]

The Figment tells Lyria it is a "gift from Astarte". It's not clear whether this is Fig or a previous owner of the implant. [9]

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