The Furies are three sisters who are Octavia au Lune's most trusted subjects. They are the daughters of the Ash Lord, Magnus au Grimmus. They offer the Sovereign both council and protection.

Aja au Grimmus is the Sovereign's chief bodyguard and favourite killer, as well as her Dux. She is the Protean Knight, one of the twelve Olympic Knights. Described as the largest and darkest of the three sisters. As a former pupil of Lorn au Arcos, she is formidable with a razor.

Moira au Grimmus is the Sovereign's Chief Politico. Described as a puffy pastry of a woman, with a sweet but sinister smile.

Atalantia au Grimmus is the third daughter of the Ash Lord. She is featured in Iron Gold and Dark Age, where she leads the forces of the Society Remnant.

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