The Howlers are a group led by Sevro au Barca. They were initially formed during Darrow's year at The Institute, and consisted of the lowDraft "dregs" of House Mars. They can be identified by the wolfcloaks they traditionally wear, as well as their tendency to howl before going into battle. Most original members of the Howlers go primarily by their nicknames.

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The Institute Howlers joined Darrow and Mustang's unaffiliated army in Red Rising, adding several members to their ranks outside of House Mars.

Golden Son Edit

The Howlers were brought to the Core from various positions around the Rim by Mustang when she suspected there would be conflict between House Augustus and House Bellona. They then integrated into the ranks of the Augustans, though vocally remaining loyal only to Darrow and Mustang. Several died in the Iron Rain, though most escaped The Triumph unscathed.

Morning Star Edit

Now an elite wing of The Rising, the Howlers have added several Reds to their ranks by the start of Morning Star. They were involved in rescuing Darrow from Attica. Their mysterious initiation ritual is revealed when Darrow, Victra and Holiday officially join their ranks.

Iron Gold Edit

After the Rising won, The Howlers became an official rank within the Republic's Military, and now has 111 members total, though they are spread throughout the Republic. Thirty-seven are in the meeting when Darrow decides to run, and most go with him Known divisions at that time are Warlock Squadron and Pegasus Legion. [1]

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