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The Society is the dominant human government in the Solar System. It has existed for at least 700 years, or 14 generations. Its denizens are separated into different castes and vocations, and called Colors. It is the most efficient and perfect government ever made by man. There are approximately 18 billion humans throughout the Solar System.


Laborers were needed to colonize the foreign planets, and so, an efficient hierarchy was made through genetic and surgical means. However, the Golds, who over generations transformed from normal humans wearing gold uniforms into the physically and mentally superior commanders of the present time, rebelled against Earth, seeing its tariffs as a drag on Society. Earth lost the war, and the Society came to be the superpower throughout the Solar System.

Government Edit

Based off of the Romans. A small population controls the rest, with the Senate chosen out of these select few.

Military Edit

The Society's forces include at least six fleets of starships. Within these fleets are Grays, Obsidians, and Golds. Some Gold military ranks include Legate, Praetor, Imperator, archImperator, and archLegate.

Dominion Edit

The Society is centered around the Core, Luna, but the reach of the Society extends throughout the Solar System, though no mention was made of exploration of the beyond.

Population Edit


All Colors of the Society are genetically modified humans. Their population currently total around 18 billion, with about a 100 million being Golds. About 1/1000 of that are Peerless Scarred. To differentiate their class, they were genetically altered to have different color-coded eyes and hair, with vibrance defining the tiers in each class.

Sigils Edit

All sigils

All Colors also have Sigils implanted into both wrists and attached to the metacarpus to provide additional identification. Most of them were designed based on the alchemical symbols. [1]

Religion Edit

Though many references are made to the Roman gods, such as the utterance "By Jove," the Society is agnostic/atheist. Their rituals do not consist of praying to the gods, as Golds are considered gods amongst the humans. The Obsidians were taught to worship the Golds as well, to staunch a rebellion.

Economy Edit

Economic activities mainly occur with further planets engaging in trading with the Core. Economics are generally handled by Silvers, most notably Regulus ag Sun, Quicksilver.

Education Edit

Depending on social caste and rank, different members of society receive different levels of education. For example, a Blue pilot would be trained in flying starships and spacefaring theory from a young age, but a Red laborer who would have no use for that would not. An Obsidian would be trained to fight and battle, but an Orange would be learning about gears and mechanisms. It all depends on what their color does (Reds mine, Obsidians fight, etc)

Culture Edit

Each Caste has their own unique culture, even having different beliefs or religions, most obvious amongst the Reds and Obsidians with the Old Man and revering the Golds as gods, respectively.

Entertainment Edit

As in modern society, the rich and affluent often entertain themselves with lavish parties, courtesans, or semi-barbaric sports at lower classes' expense. Those who indulge in these pleasures are called Pixies and are looked down upon by other Golds who consider themselves above such things.

In the lower castes, entertainment becomes more simple. The Reds are shown to enjoy dancing, almost as if its in their blood.

Language Edit

Most citizens speak and write in midLingo, with the lowest classes somewhat literate, with the possible exception of Obsidians. Obsidians were stripped of all technology except Stone Age-level knowledge, and apparently they can speak Icelandic. Golds and some higher-tiered Colors also learn the ancient languages of Latin, Arabic, Chinese, English and German, among others, as part of history and culture.

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