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Star of the Republic

Also simply referred to as The Republic, is the succeeding, demokratic government to The Society, and is responsible for about 10 billion people in the solar system. The Capital is located on Luna, and as of Iron Gold, the territories of the Republic were as follows:


Children are taught in mixed-color groups from a young age.


The Republic attempts to govern fairly by having senators of all Colors participate in the Senate. Order is kept through using the Wardens. The Republic is led by a democratically elected Sovereign with 4-year long terms of service. The Senate is represented by ten senators of each color having a total of 140 senators and they all wear white togas.

In 753 PCE the Senate is divided between two political parties, the Optimates, led by Daxo au Telemanus, and the Vox Populi, founded by Dancer O'Faran.


The Republic's military is primarily led by the Free legions that are mainly consisted of Obsidian, Gray, Brown, and Red infantrymen. Currently, the offensive forces of the Republic are mainly on Mercury containing about 9 million men.

There are at least fifteen legions within the Republic military.

  • The Free legions, composed of several different legions used to free planets and moons of the society, it contains most of the republics main offensive forces.
  • The Second Legion, known as the Terran Blacksmiths, is under the command of Imperator Cadus Harnassus
  • The Seventh Legion, known as the Pegasus Legion, is under the personal command of ArchImperator Darrow O'Lykos.
  • The Fifteenth Legion, known as the Helldiver Legion
  • The Rat legion, known to wear rat skulls around there necks. is one of the legions that compose the free legions.

The Solar Republic fleet originally consisted of the Red Armada, which was eventually broken up into four fleets:

  • The White Fleet, the offensive force which supports the Free Legions, is made up of two individual fleets:
  • The third fleet, the Home Guard, serves as the defensive fleet for Luna and Earth.
  • The fourth fleet, the Ecliptic Guard, serves as the defensive fleet for Mars, Phobos, and Deimos
  • Other Ships of the Solar Republic and Red Armada:
    • Deja Thoris - the personal flagship of Sovereign Virginia au Augustus.
    • Persephone's Howl
    • Shout of Mykos
    • Dancer of Faran
    • Cry of Thebes
    • The Evening Tide