The Sovereign is the holder of the Morning Throne, and leader of The Society alongside the Senate.

Prior to Morning Star, the seat might have been hereditary, as the three known Sovereigns and the designated heir all hailed from House Lune. After the successful coup at the end of Morning Star, Virginia au Augustus took over as the new Sovereign, launching a series of societal reforms designed to breakdown the tyrannical structure of The Society. One of Romulus Au Raa's demands from Roque during the bid for his support in the Battle of Illium was reformation of the Sovereign election process.

House of Lune[edit | edit source]

The first Sovereign was Silenius au Lune , the Lightbringer and believed leader of The Conquering. The second known Sovereign was Ovidius au Lune, the father of Octavia au Lune. He was a tyrant in his last years and was overthrown by a conspiracy led by his daughter in 681 PCE. The last Sovereign of House Lune was Octavia au Lune, the reigning Sovereign in the Red Rising trilogy. Octavia, with the help of Nero au Augustus, decapitated her father to claim the throne of the Society. During her sixty-one year reign Octavia crushed the First Moon Lord Rebellion after ordering the burning of Rhea. In her later reign, it was rumored that she masterminded the death of her youngest daughter and son-in-law upon learning a plot by them to overthrow her. She was grooming her ten-year-old grandson, Lysander au Lune, to succeed her, but was ultimately overthrown and killed during the coup at the end of Morning Star.

Virginia au Augustus[edit | edit source]

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Mustang succeeds Octavia au Lune as the new Sovereign.


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