The Sovereign is the holder of the Morning Throne, and rules the world of the Society along with the Senate.

Prior to Morning Star, the seat might have been hereditary, as the two known Sovereigns both hailed from House Lune with the designated heir, Lysander, being from the same family as well. After the successful coup at the end of Morning Star, Virginia au Andromedus takes over as the new Sovereign, before launching a series of societal changes to breakdown the tyrannical structure of The Society.

House of Lune Edit

Octavia au Lune was the reigning Sovereign in the first three novels. She had decapitated her father, the previous Sovereign, to acclaim the throne, and reigned for sixty years. It is rumored that she successfully masterminded the death of her youngest daughter and son-in-law upon overhearing a plot by them to overthrow her. She was grooming her ten-year-old grandson, Lysander au Lune, for succeeding her, but was overthrown and killed during the coup at the end of Morning Star.

Virginia au Andromedus Edit

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Mustang succeeds Octavia au Lune as the new Sovereign.