The Vale is a form of afterlife which Reds were conditioned into believing.

The Vale is a beautiful green forested world, with morning mists, and cozy homes with stews ready on their hearths. Since Reds typically have harsh, short, pain-filled lives, this pleasant afterlife functions as a peaceful encouragement for Reds and is an important part of their culture.[1] If a Red is buried after death, it is said they will have a shorter journey along the stone path towards the Vale.


The Old Man

The Old Man is said to guide them after death. Reds believe that when they arrive, their loved ones will stand waiting with the Old Man.

The Reaper

The psychopomp that the Reds believe in, similar to an angel of death and judge of the deceased. The Reaper is commonly depicted as dwelling on the road to the Vale, wielding a scythe to separate the guilty from the innocent.


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