This article lists the chronology of the main events in the Red Rising Trilogy. It is still incomplete and is a Work-in-progress.

Basis Edit

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There are only approximate clues as to the time relationship between the era portrayed in the novel and the current Anno Domini era in real time. Due to the number of inhabitable planets and planet moons, it is clear that there is likely an established common time scale used across all of the Solar System. Based on Darrow's own narration in Chapter 40 of Red Rising, Earth reckoning is used for all dates noted across all novels. This is also supported by the use of Earth-time terminologies (a "day" instead of a Martian "sol"), as well as the fact that the highest government of the Society (the Sovereign) is based on Luna (Earth's moon).

According to Darrow and many of the other characters, Mankind began colonizing planets and enslaving Reds about 700 years prior to his era. There are also references made by several characters to wars before and during this period.

Based on Pierce Brown's own discretion, the first novel takes place at around 736 PCE (Post Conquering Era) in the Society.[1] This system is confirmed in the fourth novel Iron Gold chapters 6 and 18, where Ephraim's age and birth year are noted and setting the year as 753 PCE.

  • In Morning Star, while mentioning the Roman era and its fashion for Togas, Cassius and Darrow describe Roque as being born "3000 years too late". Based on your interpretation of the Roman era, this gives a timeline between 2500 and 3500AD, with the latter being more in tune with other clues left throughout the book.
  • A recent tweet gives a more precise idea as to when Red Rising takes place, and it can now be safely assumed that the Conquering occurred around 2100 A.D.

[2] This sets the events of Red Rising around 2836 A.D.

Iron Gold Chapter 50 places October 17th of 753 PCE on a Tuesday. Plugging potential years around 2853 A.D. into a day of the week calculator gives 2851 and 2856 A.D. as potential equivalents to 753 PCE.

  • This would put the Conquering at either 2098 or 2103 A.D., and the events of Red Rising around 2834 or 2839 A.D.

Forenotes Edit

  • Durations are often given as approximations; for example, both Golden Son and Morning Star mention Octavia au Lune having reigned for sixty years even though three years pass + these times, or of Lorn au Arcos holding the position of the Rage Knight for sixty years.
    • Considering that Darrow calculated the exact date of the Second Moon Lords' Rebellion (in March 742 PCE) as slightly over 60 years after the First MSc37, 40, this puts the First Moon Lords' Rebellion in approximately August 681 PCE, coinciding with Octavia au Lune's first regnant year.
  • Events in Red Rising occur between July 736 RRc01 and February 738 PCE RRc40; Darrow is sixteen when he joined the Sons of Ares RRc08, and seventeen when he is drafted into The Institute. Events in the Institute take place for months.
    • A two-year interval occurs between these novels. GSc07
  • Events in Golden Son occur mostly between October 740 and March 741 PCE. Darrow's Triumph (and downfall) occurs in March 741 PCE. MSc37
    • A one-year interval occurs between these novels. MSc02
  • Events in Morning Star occur in 742 PCE.
    • A ten-year interval occurs between these novels.
  • Events in Iron Gold occur between September and November 753 PCE. IGc06, 18
    • A three-week interval occurs between these novels.
  • Events in Dark Age occur between December 753 and February 754 PCE DAc18

Possible discrepancies Edit

  • According to Sevro, he and Darrow are 23 years old at the time of the Phobos rebellion in Morning Star. Morning Star begins one year after the end of Golden Son, where Darrow is stated to be 21 by the end of the novel. Cassius confirms 15 chapters after Sevro says they are 23 that it has only been four months since Darrow's escape from Attica, meaning that since Darrow's birthday is in January, he would be 22 at the time of this conversation.
    • The only potential explanation is that Sevro has already turned twenty-three and by that point considers Darrow close enough to 23 that the difference can be ignored.
  • The Prologue for Dark Age is said to take place two months prior to the speech Mustang gives in the previous section, but the actual timing of the novel places it at just under two weeks. This was likely done to misdirect the audience and create suspense for how long Darrow has been trapped on Mercury.

Legend Edit

Anno Domini (Pre-Conquering) Era Edit

  • Trojan War
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • World War III MSc53

Conquering Era Edit

1st Century, Post Conquering Era Edit

Late 1st Century PCE Edit

  • The last pre-Color humans die off after the Conquerors sterilize the remaining population of Earth with solocene.

2nd Century PCE Edit

Mid-2nd Century PCE Edit

  • The Terraforming of Io begins.

3rd Century PCE Edit

Late 3rd Century PCEEdit

  • The Obsidians instigate the Dark Revolt against the Golds, which fails and results in the massacre of 90% of their race. GSc34; MSc60

5th Century PCE Edit

Early 5th Century PCE Edit

  • The Colors not already working in the Helium mines begin migrating to Mars.

6th Century PCE Edit

540 PCE Edit

7th Century PCE Edit

636 PCE Edit

645 PCE Edit

  • Event:
    • Nine year old Octavia au Lune incites a riot by throwing diamonds from an aircar. GSc14

649 PCE Edit

656 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • The beginning of the House War between House Augustus and House Bellona. GSc28
      • The father of Nero au Augustus has a dispute with Julius au Bellona, Cassius's grandfather.
        • House Augustus attempts to have the Browns who serve House Bellona poison the entire Bellona family. The plan fails.
        • ArchGovernor Cylus declares his forces for House Bellona.
        • House Augustus is besieged in Agea where the fleet is destroyed and the remainder captured.
        • ArchGovernor Cylus puts House Augustus to death, sparing only young Nero.
    • ArchGovernor Cylus raises Nero au Augustus in his court.
  • Deaths:
    • House Augustus executed, with the exception of seven-year-old Nero au Augustus.

c. late 670s PCEEdit

676 PCEEdit

681 PCEEdit

696 PCEEdit

698 PCEEdit

8th Century PCE Edit

701 PCEEdit

  • Births:
    • Dale, Darrow's father RRc04; MSc50
    • Narol, Dale's brother RRc06

705 PCE Edit

707 PCEEdit

c. 708 PCEEdit

710 PCEEdit

713 PCEEdit

717 PCEEdit

718 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Fitchner au Barca is seriously injured in a terraforming incident on Triton.GSc46
      • Fitchner falls in love with Bryn, a Red and fellow patient at the hospital.

719 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Fitchner and Bryn recover and settle on New Thebes, Mars.
    • Fitchner arranges for a Carver to adjust Bryn's DNA to allow her to have children with him.

720 PCEEdit

722 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Bryn's Carver discloses Bryn's identity to the authorities.GSc46
      • The authorities interrogate Bryn and then execute her with achlys-9 for illegally marrying a Gold.
  • Deaths:

723 PCE Edit

  • Births:

726 PCEEdit

  • Deaths:
    • Dale: executed for Preforming the Reaping Dance with companions as an act of peaceful Rebellion. MSc50

730 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Adrius au Augustus, in a scheme to get rid of his elder brother Claudius and gain favour from his father, pays Karnus au Bellona to hook up Claudius' girlfriend. GSc51
      • Claudius challenges Karnus to a duel, where he is defeated and killed.

733 PCEEdit

735 PCEEdit

736 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Darrow marries Eo shortly after his sixteenth birthday. RRc01
    • In late July/early August, Darrow's mining clan, Lambda, loses the Laurel to rival clan Gamma.
    • Darrow and Eo are caught in the garden of the Tinpots without authorization, and are publicly punished with lashes by Ugly Dan in the presence of Martian ArchGovernor Nero au Augustus.
      • Eo sings the Song of the Reaper during her punishment, and is immediately sentenced to death for treason by ArchGovernor Augustus. RRc05
      • Eo secretly reveals to Dio about her pregnancy and pleads her not to tell Darrow.
      • Darrow buries his wife illegally, and is consequently hanged himself.
      • Darrow's uncle Narol cuts down Darrow as he falls into a coma, and secretly sends his body to the Sons of Ares.
    • Darrow meets Dancer and Harmony of the Sons of Ares.
      • Dancer takes Darrow into a lift to the surface of Mars and lets him take his first glimpse of the terraformed world.
      • Darrow is convinced into partaking the Sons' mission.
    • Darrow is led by Dancer to Mickey the Carver in the Martian city of Yorkton, where he convinces Mickey of his Helldiving talent and potential.
      • Mickey proceeds to tear apart Darrow's bones and muscles and remake them based on the normal body structure of a Gold.
      • Darrow is drilled with the recordings of the Society's history and literature while he slowly gets used to his new body.
  • Deaths:

737 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Harmony accompanies Darrow during his intensive physical training exercises.
    • In February, Matteo the Pink begins educating Darrow on the culture and mannerisms of Golds in the Society until he is well-versed and presentable as a Gold.
    • Dancer guides Darrow in formulating his thought processes to emulate those of a Gold.
    • Darrow briefly meets Mustang.
    • Dancer creates a fabricated background of House Andromedus for Darrow's personal information, and assembles a group of lowColors to emulate Darrow's personal servants.
    • Darrow finishes his preparations and takes the entry tests of The Institute in May.
      • Darrow passes all his tests with flying colors, and in late July/early August is escorted to The Institute in Agea, the capital city of Mars.
    • Darrow is drafted into House Mars, learns briefly about its past from Proctor Fitchner, and meets some of his fellow housemates: Cassius, Julian, Antonia, Priam, Titus and Roque.
      • Darrow is brought into The Passage in the early morning, where he is forced to kill Julian to pass.
      • Darrow befriends Cassius and conceals the murder of his brother from him.
    • House Mars is tasked with the quest to defend their assigned fortress, select their Primus (leader), and defeat and dominate all the other houses.
      • Mars separates into four main factions - one co-led by Darrow and Cassius, and the others by Antonia, Titus, and Sevro.
      • Darrow briefly allies with House Minerva, led by Mustang, to eradicate the tyrannical Titus. He gains the loyalty and allegiance of Sevro and his Howlers during this period.
      • Darrow finds out Titus' true identity as a Red; orders Titus to be executed before House Mars.
      • Darrow defeats and enslaves Houses Minerva and Ceres, and learns of The Jackal from Mustang.
    • Darrow becomes Primus of Mars.
      • Antonia, Vixus, and some of Titus' original followers murder Lea. They attempt to overthrow Darrow.
      • The Jackal sends his messenger Lilath to Cassius, offering him 50 ionBlades in exchange for the Reaper. She gives Cassius the HoloCam recording of Julian's death.
      • Cassius challenges Darrow and wins the duel, leaving Darrow for dead.
      • Darrow is nursed back to health by Mustang and led into the wilderness away from House Mars to escape from Cassius.
      • Darrow takes care of Mustang, who has fallen critically ill, and tells her about Eo and her dream. They begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.
      • Proctor Fitchner presents to Darrow the medicine to cure Mustang, and also reveals details of Proctor Apollo giving the Jackal the recording of Julian's murder.
    • On December 16th, Trigg ti Nakamura's platoon is sent to destroy an illegal breeding facility as part of a coordinated purge by Octavia against the reformers in the government.DAc21
      • Without the Grays' knowledge, their standard combat stimulants are replaced with Zoladone to ensure their compliance with all orders.
      • With their empathy suppressed, the Grays butchered men, women, and children for possessing compromising information about key members of Octavia’s regime. The Dragoons melt the remains with acid.
      • After coming down from the Zoladone high, Trigg is horrified by what they've done, and he attempts suicide. He is stopped by his sister Holiday, who convinces him to join the Sons of Ares in order to atone for the blood on his hands.

738 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Darrow and Mustang defeat a band of Oathbreakers led by Milia and manage to gain their allegiance after successful negotiations.

c. 739 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • In response to her daughter plotting a coup against her, The Sovereign orders Atalantia au Grimmus and Kalindora au San to plant a bomb on the personal shuttle of Lysander's parents, Brutus and Anastasia, passing their deaths off as a space landing incident. GSc28; IGc48 DAc90
      • Over Aja's protests, Octavia uses the Pandemonium Chair to erase Lysander's memories of his parents. DAc90
      • Due to his close friendship with Brutus, Atlas au Raa is sent to the Rim to harry the Ascomanni in the Kuiper Belt. To cement his exile, she appoints a new Fear Knight to replace him. DAc59
  • Deaths:

740 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Lorn au Arcos retires from his position as the Rage Knight and moves his family to Europa. Venetia au Rein, the Morning Knight, retires as well.
    • October:
      • After close to a year at the Academy, Darrow’s fleet attacks and defeats Karnus au Bellona’s ship and seemingly wins the mock war.
      • Karnus springs his trap and reveals his extra ship, which he proceeds to ram through the midline of Darrow’s flagship Quietus.
      • While Darrow attempts to go back for Theodora, Tactus launches the command escape pod without him, forcing Darrow to bring Theodora and a squad of Grays along to the extra pod in his private quarters.
      • Darrow attempts to use the pod’s spitTube to launch himself at Karnus’ ship in retaliation, but the controls are overridden by the Proctors.
      • With the war games ending in a Bellona victory, Darrow and his friends return to the Academy’s central hub for their graduation ceremony.
      • Darrow goes off on his own to sit in one of the gardens and brood. After going for a swim, Karnus and his family ambush Darrow and beat him on camera.
    • December:
      • Three weeks after leaving Mars, the Augustus household fleet arrives in orbit of Luna. Darrow is informed that his contract with the ArchGovernor will expire after the Summit.
        • After settling into their assigned villa, Victra takes Darrow to the Lost City to meet with the Jackal and discuss an alliance against Pliny.
        • Their meeting is interrupted by a disguised Evey, who had come to the Pearl Club intending to kill the Jackal.
        • Darrow saves Adrius from the bomb Evey had planted and later goes to confront the Sons of Ares after two years with no contact.
        • Harmony tells Darrow that Dancer is dead and shows him the full holo of Eo’s last words to her sister.
        • Broken by the knowledge that Eo was pregnant when she died, Darrow agrees to Harmony’s plan to use him as a suicide bomber at the Summit’s closing gala.
      • At the closing gala three days later, Darrow cannot bring himself to go through with Harmony’s plan, recognizing that her campaign of revenge will achieve nothing in the long term.
        • Armed with the realization that Golds fear civil war more than anything, he challenges Cassius to a duel in the middle of the gala.
        • After feigning inadequacy with a razor, Darrow reveals that he had spent the year between the Institute and the Academy training with Lorn au Arcos, and publicly humiliates Cassius.
        • Darrow taunts and goads the Bellona, but before he can end the duel, the Sovereign changes the rules of the contest at the last minute, publicly showing her favoritism for the Bellona family.
        • Darrow cuts off Cassius’ arm in defiance of Octavia, but before he can strike the killing blow, Mustang talks him down from it.
        • Enraged, the Bellona rush to attack Darrow, resulting in a massive mele between the gathered families that escalates the hostilities between Augustus and Bellona.
        • The Augustan retinue retreats to their landing pad, where they find Fitchner au Barca as the new Rage Knight waiting with a troop of Praetorians.
        • Fitchner orders the group to return to the villa while he brings Darrow to speak with the Sovereign herself.
        • During his meeting with the Sovereign, Octavia wagers with Darrow to ask each other questions using the Oracles to gauge their truthfulness. Darrow eventually wins by forcing Octavia to deny in front of Mustang that she had planned to murder the latter’s family during the gala.
        • After Darrow is taken to guest quarters within the Citadel, Mustang gives Lysander to the Howlers to be used as a hostage.
        • While Mustang’s spies disable power in the Sovereign’s citadel, the Howlers free Darrow, revealing that Mustang had brought them to Luna in secret for an eventuality such as this.
        • Darrow and the Howlers return to the Augustus villa to find the rest of Nero’s retinue hiding from an Augustan kill squad that was in the process of sweeping the building.
        • Darrow threatens Lysander to ensure Aja’s cooperation, allowing Mustang to pilot a Stork in for the survivors to evacuate.
        • While the Howlers are overseeing the evacuation, the Sovereign warns through Aja that they will hunt Darrow and his allies down to the ends of the Solar System. Her message delivered, Aja brutally beats Quinn with her bare hands.
        • Darrow carries Lysander up to the Stork while the Jackal retrieves Quinn. As Adrius and Roque rush to save Quinn’s life, Darrow takes Lysander up to the cockpit along with Sevro, Victra, and Tactus.
        • After a brief conversation with the Martian ArchGovernor, Tactus offers to keep an eye on Lysander. Once he has left the room, Tactus brings the boy to the cargo boy, where he steals Clown’s gravBoots and escapes.
        • With their leverage gone, Darrow orders the ship’s pilot to take them towards the Vanguard, flagship of the Scepter Armada. After he and Sevro load themselves into StarShells, Mustang fires them from the onboard spitTubes at the ship’s bridge.
        • Darrow and Sevro smash through the bridge windshield and send the Lune-allied Gold offers flying out to their deaths in the vacuum of space.
        • To avoid having to vent the ship, Darrow inspires the lowColors to rise up against the Golds on board and take the ship for the Augustans.
        • After Darrow appoints Orion xe Aquarii as the ship’s new captain, the Lune loyalists attempting to break through the bridge’s doors are struck down by Ragnar Volarus, who offers Darrow his services as a Stained.
        • With the ship secure and beyond the boundaries of Lunar space, Darrow goes to join his friends as they disembark the Stork in the hangar. He finds Roque mourning Quinn, who has died from her injuries.
        • While showering after the battle, Sevro reveals that the Sons of Ares, particularly Dancer, who is still alive despite Harmony’s claims to the contrary, told him the truth about who Darrow really is.
        • After he and Sevro part ways for the night, Victra finds Darrow to inform him that Nero has given him the largest stateroom on the ship as spoils of war.
        • Unable to sleep, Darrow heads down to the cafeteria where he finds Mustang sitting as she waits for a plate of bacon and eggs.
        • After his conversation with Mustang, he returns to his stateroom to find the Jackal waiting to discuss how the night’s events affect their alliance going forward.

741 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • January:
      • The ArchGovernor holds a meeting with his war council to plan their next move. Darrow proposes a multi-part plan to cement House Augustus’ power and reputation.
      • While his Imperators lead the Scepter Armada on a wild goose chase, Augustus leads a strike force to the ship yards of Ganymede to steal all of the ships. Mustang leads a raid on the Academy to abduct the students, while Darrow’s forces fly to Europa to convince Lorn au Arcos to join their cause.
    • February:
      • Darrow meets with Lorn on Europa in an attempt to convince his old mentor to join their cause.
      • Lorn adamantly refuses to work with Nero on principle and reveals to Darrow that the Sovereign’s forces have already arrived and planning to ambush Darrow.
      • Darrow is unsurprised by this, and having known about the trap beforehand, orders the Telemanuses to engage the Bellona fleet and spring his counter-ambush.
      • When Aja arrives with Tactus and a squad of Praetorians, she believes that Lorn already conspired with Darrow. Lorn objects, arguing that he has no part in the conflict, but Aja refuses to let her old mentor remain neutral.
      • Darrow detonates the mine spikes he’d planted in the garden during his talk with Lorn as the Howlers rise from their cover beneath the ocean.
      • With the mines taking out the Praetorians, Tactus and Aja flee. Aja escapes, but Tactus goes after where Lorn’s grandchildren are hidden.
      • Darrow manages to talk Tactus down and convince him to switch sides back to Augustus, but Lorn kills the other man as punishment for threatening his family.
      • With his hand forced, Lorn brings his entire household with him when he departs Europa with Darrow.
      • As the newly expanded fleet departs for Hildas Station, Mustang arrives with news of Pliny’s betrayal.
      • After taking time for her to visit Tactus’ body, Mustang and the rest of Darrow’s council sit down to discuss their next move.
      • Darrow awakens in the middle of the night to find Mustang waiting outside his door. They spent some time together discussing philosophy before Mustang grows frustrated with his pushing her away.
      • Three days after leaving Europa, Darrow tells Ragnar the truth of who he is and where he came from In an effort to convince the Stained to join him in the rebellion to come.
      • Darrow leads a war party consisting of himself, Mustang, Lorn, the Howlers, and Ragnar to infiltrate the Augustan fleet by smuggling themselves aboard a cargo ship delivering food.
      • They retake the ship from Pliny and manage to sway the Augustan bannermen back to their side. Continuing to play the room, Darrow calls for an Iron Rain on Mars.
    • March
      • Three weeks after leaving Europa, the Siege of Mars begins. Darrow, Mustang, Ragnar, and the Howlers fall in the Iron Rain and proceed towards Agea.
      • After confirming that Octavia is hiding in Agea as he suspected, Darrow leads his battle group under the city walls through a tunnel the Sons of Ares had carved days beforehand.
      • Once Mustang splits off to take down the city’s defensive shields, Darrow and the Howlers take to the skies as they fly into the city.
      • Their suits are quickly crippled by a Bellona EMP, sending them all plummeting into the mud and the riverbed below. Darrow is able to cut himself free with his razor and helldiver reflexes and manages to save Ragnar and the survivors of their group.
      • Over Thistle’s objections, Darrow gives razors to Ragnar and the remaining Obsidians with instructions to take down the Bellona defenses at the city walls.
      • With only Darrow and the Howlers remaining, they set off at a jog towards the Citadel. When the shield comes down, Darrow takes off on his own to go after the Sovereign, managing to jump aboard her shuttle just as it lifts off.
      • Darrow manages to kill Karnus aboard the shuttle but is then subdued. Octavia orders Fitchner to execute Darrow on camera, only for Fitchner to betray the Sovereign and carry Darrow out of the shuttle to safety.
      • The last thing Darrow hears before he loses consciousness if Fitchner revealing that he was Ares all along.
      • After a weak in recovery after the battle, Darrow finally wakes up. He and Mustang have sex, and later join their friends for breakfast.
        • That evening, Sevro comes to tell him that Harmony, Mickey, and Evey have been captured by The Jackal.
      • The following day, Darrow visits Adrius and Victra in Attica delivering gifts. While they are discussing the Augustan fleet’s war preparations, Sevro and a team of cloaked Sons of Ares storm the fortress and rescue Mickey, Evey, and Harmony.
      • Darrow returns home to Lykos to visit his family and remind himself of what he’s fighting for. He’s melancholy when he realizes how small Lykos is after seeing the world beyond the mines.
      • After watch the sunset from the Bubble Garden where he and Eo visited before their arrest, Darrow orders MineMagistrate Podginus to throw the Reds of Lykos a feast with the food he's brought in his personal shuttle.
        • Mustang joins him as he watches the feast, and afterwards Darrow leads her through the tunnels to his childhood home.
        • Before going inside to speak with his mother, he gives Mustang a recording of his carving to show her the truth of who and what he really is.
        • After leaving his family's home, Mustang confronts him, angry that he told her through a video instead of explaining himself.
        • Afraid that the only way to forward was violence, Mustang threatens to kill Darrow, but eventually leaves him in the tunnels while she heads into orbit to seek Kavax's counsel on the Reynard.
      • The Triumph in honor of Darrow's victory is held in Agea the following day. While Mustang has not returned since Darrow last saw her in Lykos, Fitchner is conspicuously absent from the ceremony. MSc02 37
        • After the parade, Augustus talks with Darrow about the latter’s giving Obsidians razors during the Rain, and why the former believes that unbending enforcement of the hierarchy is necessary. After their conversation, Nero declares his intent to formally make Darrow his heir.
        • At the Triumphal banquet, Roque betrays the group and injects Darrow with a paralytic poison. Meanwhile, the Jackal’s boneriders attack, massacring the guests.
        • Lorn is executed by Lilath au Faran, while Antonia kills her mother Aggripina and shoots Victra in the spine.
        • As Praetorians led by Aja and Cassius land to cut off any escape, Adrius reveals to his father that he masterminded the death of his older brother Claudius.
        • In rage, Nero declares that Adrius is not his son, and in response, The Jackal shoots his father in the head.
        • While Darrow is loaded into a shuttle to be taken from Agea, Roque contacts Mustang in an attempt to lure her into a trap by claiming that Darrow and her father were being taken to one of his new ships because the surface was no longer safe.
        • Mustang sees through the ruse and sends word to Orion and the rest of the Augustan fleet that a coup was underway, and that Roque was a conspirator.
        • Sevro and Ragnar discover that Fitchner is dead and the Sons of Ares base was destroyed, then rush to Lykos with the Howlers to evacuate Darrow’s family before the Jackal can get to them.
        • Kavax and Daxo organize and evacuate the legions loyal to Darrow as the Jackal and the Sovereign’s forces take power.
    • Nine days after Darrow's triumph, the children of the Moon Lords kept in Octavia's court as hostages to ensure their parents' compliance escaped with the help of Mustang's spies. MSc10 MSc40
    • Eleven days after the Triumph, the heirs of House Raa stole or destroyed the entirety of the eighth fleet garrison from its dry docks on Callisto with the help of the Codovan family of Ganymede. MSc10

742 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • March:
      • Darrow is removed from the Jackal's table so that Cassius and Aja can transport him back to Luna for dissection. MSc01, 37
        • While being processed and prepared for transport, two Gray legionnaires, Holiday and Trigg ti Nakamura, kill their fellow Dragoons and reveal themselves as undercover Sons of Ares agents.
        • After confirming their identities to Darrow by opening a channel to Sevro, they attempt to escape the Attican citadel.
        • En route, they are waylaid by Vixus au Sarna, who slips and reveals that Victra au Julii is still alive. Refusing to leave her behind, Darrow diverts their escape route in order to rescue her.
        • Despite crippling the enemy with an EMP, the escapees are eventually pinned down on an outdoor landing pad, where Trigg is killed by Aja.
        • Refusing Cassius’ offer of surrender, Darrow leaps off the platform, pulling an injured Holiday and a sedated Victra down with him as a clawDrill crewed by the Sons of Ares breaks through to the surface.
      • Two days later, Darrow awakens in the medical facilities of Tinos to the sound of his uncle reading to him.
        • After promising Dancer he’ll return to the war effort tomorrow, Darrow spends the rest of the day with his family.
      • That morning, Sevro and Ragnar arrive to bring Darrow to the mission briefing, where the Reaper is quickly brought up to speed on the state of the war,
        • Darrow initially panics at the weight of the responsibility that has been thrust on his shoulders after Sevro released the footage of his Carving but manages to settle down after Ragnar takes him to visit the wounded Sons in the med bay.
        • After returning to the briefing room, Darrow and the rest of his war council begin making plans for the future.
        • Motivated by revenge for the death of her mother and the torture that Roque and Antonia and the Jackal put her through, Victra accepts Darrow’s offer to join the Sons of Ares.
        • Three days later, on Thursday, Mickey arrives to carve Darrow and Victra back into fighting shape.
    • July:
      • The Howlers launch a raid on Quicksilver's tower on Phobos, aiming to capture the elusive Silver and disrupt the economy of The Society. MSc37
      • While sweeping the Sun Industries tower, they stumble into the middle of secret negotiations between Mustang and the Sovereign.
      • In the chaos that erupts after discovering the meeting, Moira au Grimmus is killed, and the Howlers take Kavax au Telemanus prisoner.
      • After retreating to Phobos’ main hideout for the Sons, Darrow interrogates Kavax and learns that Mustang had attempted to contact Sevro and join forces months ago.
      • When Darrow and Sevro meet up to interrogate Quicksilver, they learn that the man was the one responsible for funding the Sons of Ares and financing Darrow’s carving into a Gold.
      • The tension that has been building between Darrow and Sevro reaches a boiling point, and the two duke it out over their diverging leadership styles.
      • After their quarrel is settled, they return to the Howlers and begin putting Darrow’s new plan into motion.
      • The Battle of Phobos begins the follwing morning. Amidst the chaos, Darrow, Ragnar, and Holiday sneak off to a hangar set aside for one of Quicksilver’s yachts to liberate the Obsidians from the ice of Mars’ south pole.
      • Before they can launch, Mustang confronts them and convinces Darrow to bring her with them.
      • Their ship is pursued and eventually shot down by Aja and Cassius, but not before Ragnar manages to cripple their enemy’s ship with an RPG.
      • After recovering from the crash and salvaging what supplies they could, the four set off towards the wreckage of Cassius’ ship to find shelter from the oncoming blizzard.
      • After driving off a tribe of Obsidian cannibals, they seal themselves inside the wreck’s mess hall to wait out the storm over a hot meal.
      • Once the storm passes, the group awakens and gathers what supplies remain among the wreckage before setting off in pursuit of Cassius.
      • They confront Aja and Cassius in battle, but while Mustang wounds Cassius, Aja manages to kill Ragnar and escape as his sister Sefi descends from the sky with her Valkyries.
      • Despite Darrow’s best efforts to convince her, Alia Snowsparrow refuses to support the Rising, and orders Darrow, Mustang, and Holiday be sent to Asgard in chains.
      • Having listened in on their conversation, Sefi is more open minded, and Darrow manages to convince her to join their cause.
      • With the help of Sefi and her Valkyrie, Darrow and Mustang manage to infiltrate and seize Asgard.
      • They return to the Valkyrie spires, where Sefi deposes of her mother after Alia refuses Darrow’s last olive branch and proceeds to call her people to join the war against Gold.
    • August:
      • On the eighth day after the fall of Asgard, Darrow and his group return to Tinos to reunite with the rest of their friends and begin coordinating the migration of Obsidians away from Mars’ south pole.
      • In the early hours of the morning, Darrow goes looking for Victra and finds Mustang and the Telemanuses mingling with his mother and the rest of his family and sharing stories about him.
      • An aide comes looking for Darrow informing him that Cassius is awake and wants to speak to him.
      • Cassius asks Darrow if the Sons robbed a deep space asteroid warehouse after the escape from Attica, and upon receiving confirmation that they didn’t, warns Darrow that the Jackal now has access to world killer-grade nuclear wepaons.
      • Darrow and the inner circle of the Rising debate the veracity of Cassius’s claims before Darrow ultimately declares that they will destroy the Sword Armada in forty days.
      • Three and a half weeks after Darrow leaves Mars, the Jackal executes Uncle Narol and broadcasts the footage across the solar system.
    • September:
      • After 5 and a half weeks of travel, the Red Armada arrives at Ilium to meet with the Moon Lords and face the Sword Armada. MSc37, 38
        • Darrow and Mustang are invited to meet with Romulus au Raa on Io to discuss an alliance against Roque.
        • Darrow tricks Roque into confirming the existence of the Sovereign’s nuclear weapons depot to Romulus, who furiously rejects Roque’s terms of peace.
        • With their forces gathered, the Red and Sword Armadas, along with the fleets of the Moon Lords, sail into battle.
        • Darrow uses clawDrills to burrow his way into Roque’s flagship and storm the bridge. After a sneak attack by Sevro shatters his fleet, Roque commits suicide rather than be taken prisoner.
      • Two days after the Battle of Ilium, Darrow has a holo conference with Romulus au Raa where they discuss the cleanup of the battle and come to an agreement on the timetable for the Rising’s departure.
      • Three days after Darrow's call with Romulus, the Red Armada departs from the Rim and sails towards the core, continuing repairs as they go.
        • That night, Darrow finds Roques holocube loaded with footage of their time at the Institute. After contacting Holiday, he has Cassius brought up so that they can reminisce together.
        • Before sending Cassius back to his cell, Darrow gives him footage that shows the Jackal slaughtering his family.
      • The day after leaving Ilium, Victra engages Antonia’s fleet in the belt and requests reinforcements.
        • Darrow and Sevro arrive with reinforcements to find the Julii fleet under Victra’s control and Kavax freed from Antonia’s brig.
        • Darrow’s group attempts to interrogate Antonia and Thistle. While Antonia proves stubborn, Thistle is more cooperative, and Antonia murders her to keep the Jackal’s secrets.
        • After Mustang departs to rejoin the main fleet, the Pandora receives a public broadcast of the Jackal murdering Darrow’s uncle Narol.
        • The Jackal’s broadcast throws the Red Armada into chaos as tensions boil over. Darrow and his band race back to the Morning Star to find Sefi and the Obsidians preparing to hang Cassius.
        • To quell the infighting and prevent further bloodshed, Sevro hangs himself in order to prove a point to the mob.
        • After Sevro recovers from the hanging, Victra kicks everyone out of the medBay for a private conversation, after which she and Sevro announce that they are getting married.
      • A week later, Sevro and Victra get married in the hangar of the Morning Star.
        • During the reception, Darrow receives a holoCall from the Jackal. He goes to take it in private, but Mustang follows him.
    • In late-November, the Red Armada arrives in Luna's orbit eight weeks after Sevro and Victra's wedding. MSc37, 55, 57
      • A week after Mustang's ascension, The Jackal is hanged for his crimes. MSc64

743 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • Cassius departs Luna in May with Lysander in tow.MSc65
    • A few weeks after Cassius' departure, Mustang introduces Darrow to their son Pax for the first time. MSC65
    • After the Gold who tortured his unit is pardoned for information, Ephraim ti Horn deserts the Rising.
  • Births:

745 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • Pytha joins Cassius and Lysander aboard their ship, the Archimedes.

748 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • Ephraim ti Horn meets Volga Fjorgen on Earth outside a loading dock in Echo City. IGc06

749 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • Alexandar au Arcos begins training as a lancer to Darrow.

751 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • The Solar Republic's siege of Mercury begins. IGc01
    • Screwface undergoes carving from Mickey to have his appearance changed so that he can be inserted into Atalantia's legions as a deep-cover mole.

752 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • During the Siege of Mercury, Darrow returns home to Luna for a brief visit.

753 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • In August, Darrow proposes an Iron Rain to finally take Mercury. The Senate refuses. IGc01
      • Darrow disregards the Senate's orders and two days later launches an Iron Rain. IGc03
    • A Liberation Day parade is held when Darrow returns to Luna on September 11th. IGc03
      • In Assimilation Camp 121 on Mars, Lyria and her family watch Darrow's triumph on the HC. IGc0
      • That night, Red Hand forces led by Harmony attack Camp 121. Lyria’s brother Tiran is killed on the landing pad.
      • That night on Luna, Ephraim ti Horn, Cyra si Lamesis, Dano, and Volga Fjorgen rob the Hyperion Museum of Antiquities and steal the sword of Silenius au Lune from the Conqueror's Exhibit.
    • The day after the Triumph, Ephraim meets with his broker to have the sword's value appraised and collect his payment.
      • After the funds have been transferred, he meets with his crew that afternoon to distribute their cuts. Ephriam rejects his teammates’ efforts to socialize with him and leaves when two Golds arrive in the bar.
      • Lysander, Cassius, and Pytha are en route to Lacrimosa Station when they receive a distress call from the cargo ship Vindabonda. After discussing the situation, they redirect course to investigate.
      • Cassius and Lysander find survivors, who say they were hired by a Gold woman to bring her to a particular asteroid near the edge of the Gulf.
      • Lysander refuses to leave the Gold behind and continues further into the ship alone until he finds her tied up with the other surviving prisoners.
      • He rescuers her first but is forced to abandon the other prisoners when she takes his razor and runs off into the ship.
      • Lysander flees and manages to catch up with the girl. Despite pursuit by diasporic Ascomani, they manage to make it back to the Archimedes. While tending her wounds in the medical bay, Lysander discovers that she bears the mark of a Peerless Scar.
      • The Republic Senate holds a hearing in which Darrow appeals for additional funds and troops for the liberation of Venus.
      • Dancer reveals that the Ash Lord had sent Julia au Bellona and Asmodeus as emissaries to request a cease fire and open peace talks.
      • After warning her family of the Red Hand’s attack, Lyria rushes to the clinic to retrieve her nephew Liam.
      • Together, Lyria and Liam flee to the edges of Camp 121, where the Red Hand uses flamethrowers to bottleneck the fleeing Gammas.
      • Republic forces under the command of Kavax au Telemanus descend on Camp 121 to drive off the Red Hand.
      • Kavax takes a hit during the battle and crashes into the river beside the camp. While the rest of the survivors freeze in shock, Lyria races forward to pull Kavax from the mud.
      • Ephriam meets up with Holiday that night to share a drink in memorial for Trigg on his birthday.
      • After leaving the bar, Ephriam wallows in his grief over Trigg, and is drunkenly contemplating suicide when he is captured and rendered unconscious by a trio of Obsidians.
      • As they flee the Ascomani, Lysander urges Cassius and Pytha to go to Asteroid S-1392, where the Gold woman says that help is waiting.
      • Upon arrival, they discover a Rim Dominion warship, and Cassius quickly uses their on-board faciem to mask his face before they are boarded.
      • Darrow gathers the Howlers and plans to flee Luna for an unsanctioned mission to kill the Ash Lord.
      • After the violence is over, Lyria discovers that her family was killed in the massacre, leaving herself and Liam as the only survivors.
      • Kavax arrives in the medical tent expressing his gratitude for the rescue and promises that he will do whatever he can if she asks him for help.
      • With nothing left for them on Mars, Lyria asks Kavax to bring them with him back to Luna. His daughter Xana objects, citing the Republic’s current immigration laws, but Kavax proceeds to hire her on the spot as a valet to get around those restrictions.
      • Upon regaining consciousness, Ephriam is interrogated by the Duke of Hands as a test of whether he was qualified to pull off a heist they want him to plan.
      • Despite their initial reluctance, Ephriam manages to talk the rest of his crew into the heist.
      • The Archimedes is boarded by Kryptea commandos, and the Gold rescued from the Vindabonda reveals herself as Seraphina au Raa, daughter of Romulus au Raa.
      • Enraged with Darrow’s deception and lack of respect for the law, the Senate votes to remove Darrow from command and issues a warrant for his arrest.
      • Darrow and Sevro make one last visit to their children before they leave, but Pax continues to resent his father’s constant absensces.
      • Mustang attempts to talk Darrow out of his chosen course, and when that fails, she summons the Wardens to their home.
      • Though two Wardens side with Darrow, a skirmish quickly breaks out, and Wulfgar is accidentally killed in the chaos.
      • With a final look at his wife and son, Darrow and the Howlers flee the manor.
    • On Monday, October 16th, Darrow and the Howlers raid Deepgrave to free Apollonius au Valii-Rath.[3]
      • The Kryptean warship carrying Cassius and Lysander arrives in Io’s orbit. Diomedes teaches Lysander a lesson in respect by dangling him out the airlock.
      • While walking Sophocles around the Citadel grounds, Lyria overhears a Copper and a Gray arguing under a pulseField. Afterwards, she spends time with the veterinarian Liago and the other Reds working for House Telemanus.
      • Ephriam and his crew visit Kobachi’s Tech Emporium to have equipment custom made for their heist. While initially belligerent, Kobachi is quick to comply when he sees Ephriam carrying the mark of the Syndicate.
      • Upon arrival on Io, Cassius and Lysander are brought to a secure bunker where Romulus au Raa has prepared for his daughter to be confined to house arrest to cover up her violation of the Pax Ilium.
      • Before Romulus can have Cassius and Lysander executed to ensure their silence, his wife Dido arrives at the head of a coup.
      • After some persuasion, Dido au Raa spares Cassius and Lysander’s lives and offers them hospitality.
      • On Earth, Darrow’s forces masquerade as Society commandos and hijack a crabbing vessel late at night in preparation for their break in to Deepgrave prison.
      • Darrow and the Howlers infiltrate Deepgrave to free Apollonius au Valii-Rath. Along the way, they pick up the former prisoner Tongueless and several dozen Gold prisoners of war.
      • After securing their prisoners aboard Colloway xe Char’s pelican, Darrow and the Howlers fly back to their base in Greenland.
      • Kieran asks Darrow to not bring Rhonna with them, to which his daughter strenuously objects.
    • On Tuesday, October 17th, Lyria goes into Hyperion City for the first time to see the sights. She is framed by Ephraim for a crime, enabling Ephraim to bail her out and infiltrate the Telemanuses. IGc50
      • While Kieran and the support Howlers disperse across Earth to carry out their assignments, Darrow’s crew begins their voyage towards Venus, with prisoners in tow.
    • On October 29th, Kobachi finishes his work on the miniaturized tech, which Ephriam gives to Lyria under the pretense of a gift.
      • As guests of Dido au Raa, Cassius and Lysander are given suitable accommodations in Sungrave. The two argue over the role they play on the Rim and their relationship continues to strain.
    • 2 weeks after leaving Earth, Darrow finds that Rhonna has stowed away on the Nessus against his orders.
      • After dealing with Rhonna, Darrow and Sevro negotiate their deal with Appolonius and bring him up to speed regarding the current state of affairs on Venus and within House Rath.
    • On November 1st, Lyria attends Quicksilver's birthday party as a valet for the Telemanuses, where she meets Pax. IGc31, 35
      • Cassius and Lysander’s identities are discovered during a dinner with House Raa.
      • When leaving the party, the pendant Ephriam gave Lyria begins emiting a paralytic gas which disables the shuttle’s passengers while Ephriam’s crew tow the ship in with a gravity well.
      • Cassius begins an honor duel against Belerophon au Raa in the Bleeding Place.
      • Ephriam’s team abducts Pax and Electra. Ephriam attempts to kill Lyria but cannot bring himself to shoot her.
      • When Ephriam chooses to bring her with him, Kavax manages to fight through the paralyzing gas and kill Dano with a single punch.
      • Lysander reveals his identity and gives up his and Cassius’ safe in exchange for Cassius’ life.
      • After narrowly escaping from the Syndicate, Lyria encounters a group of Reds in the slums of Luna before she heads up to the Promenade level and surrenders herself to the Republic Watchmen.
      • After Dido reveals the recording of Darrow destroying the Ganymede docks, Lysander is escorted back to his room, where Aurae informs him that Cassius died from his wounds.
      • After Lyria gives her story to the Watchmen, Holiday arrives with a Lionguard escort to deliver her to the Citadel for questioning.
      • During the night, Lysander awakens to find an elderly Brown in his room, who leads him through a secret passage in the walls of Sungrave to a hidden room where Gaia au Raa asks for his help in restoring her son Romulus to power.
      • The convoy is attacked en route by a vengeful Victra, but the Barca forces retreat with the arrival of Lionguard troops led by Niobe au Telemanus.
      • Daxo and Theodora interrogate Lyria, believing her to be an agent of the Society. When she maintains her innocence, they use one of the surviving Oracles.
      • Mustang arrives, and furiously kills the creature. Enraged at her council going behind her back, she orders everyone out of the room so that she may speak to Lyria alone.
      • Gaia sends her Obsidian Gorgo to escort them to the cells, but along the way Lysander chooses to report the two to Dido in order to guarantee his and Pytha’s survival.
      • After Lyria convinces Mustang of her innocence, the two of them and Holiday compare notes and learn that the Wardens hadn’t reported the gun Lyria had stolen from Ephriam.
      • After Lionguard forces obtain the gun and run its history, Holiday is able to link Ephriam with his alias of Phillipe.
    • The following day, Ephriam arrives at a skyhook terminal to board his and Volga’s shuttle to Earth, only to be confronted by Holiday and Lyria, with Mustang communicating via hologram.
      • Mustang offers Ephriam a pardon for himself and for Volga in exchange for his assistance in rescuing the children.
      • Romulus au Raa is put on trial for his refusal to investigate the possibility that Darrow had lied to them about the nukes and that Darrow, not Roque, had destroyed the Ganymede Shipyards.
      • While Dido declines to pursue charges of treason due to insufficient evidence that Romulus knew that Darrow had destroyed the docks, the Chance intervenes and convinces the Olypmic Knights to press forward with the charge.
      • Romulus confesses his knowledge of Darrow’s deception and his conspiring to keep the truth hidden from his people.
      • Eprhaim manages to arrange himself a second meeting with the Duke of Hands on the pretense of accepting his offer of full-time employment by the Syndicate.
      • Once Gorgo and the Obsidians have left the room, Ephriam takes the Duke hostage and forces the Pink to give him directions to where the children are being held.
      • As punishment for his treason, Romulus must walk to the tomb of Akari au Raa until he dies. After saying goodbye to his family, he sets off on his journey and ultimately succumbs short of the tomb.
      • After getting the kids out, Ephriam leads them to the Duke’s private shuttle to escape. During their departure, Ephriam is wounded by Gorgo.
      • Lysander convinces Dido to send him to the Core and make peace with the Ash Lord so that Gold can unite against the Solar Republic.
      • The Syndicate Queen takes control of the autopilot on the Duke’s shuttle, and Ephriam is forced to detonate a cache of grenades to disable it by knocking the ship out of the sky.
      • Ephriam loses his leg in the crash, but before the Syndicate can re-capture the three of them, they are rescued by Valdir the Unshorn, husband of Sefi, who has a new leg carved for Ephriam before transferring him and the children on a shuttle bound for Mars.
    • In mid-November, Darrow's strike team arrives on Venus, where they help Apollonius retake his household from the control of his brother Tharsus. IGc52
      • Along with Apollonius’s household troops, Darrow and the Howlers storm the Ash Lord’s citadel on Gorgon Island.
      • Once inside, they find the Ash Lord lying sick and dying in bet after Apollonius had him poisoned three years ago, leading Darrow to the realization that Atalantia is the one now leading the Society in the war against the Republic.
      • Angered that this mission had been for nothing, Darrow orders the Ash Lord burned alive.
      • Furious after learning of their children’s abduction, Sevro and the original Howlers insist on returning to Luna, while Darrow continues on to Mercury with Thraxa, Tongueless, Aelxandar, Rhonna, and Colloway aboard the Ash Lord’s private shuttle.
    • Darrow arrives on Mercury in the first week of December, and Darrow places the key to Pax's bike in his luggage. IGc65, DAprologue
    • Sevro, Clown, Pebble, and Min-Min arrive back in Luna in mid-December. IGc65
    • Ephriam ti Horn awakens six weeks after the gala heist to find himself at the former Bellona estate in the Martian city of Olympia. As he regains consciousness, he finds Ozgard sitting in front of the fireplace in what was once the bedroom of Julian au Bellona. DAc23
      • Ozgard informs him that Valdir the Unshorn was coming to speak with him. Terrified by Valdir’s reputation, Ephriam flees out the window and attempts to climb his way down from the cliffs of Eagle Rest.
      • Valdir stuns Ephriam and drags him in a tacNet back up to Eagle Rest, where Ozgard shows him Pax and Electra sparring in the way of the Obsidians.
      • After witnessing Pax lecturing the Obsidians, Ephriam is led to Sefi, who shows him the work she is doing to create Alltribe.
      • Sefi reveals that she has united the Obsidians under one banner and is preparing to break with the Republic so that her people can prosper.
      • In exchange for Lyria and Volga’s freedom, Ephriam is being offered a job training Sefi’s Skuggi warriors the skills of a freelancer so they can be effective for more than just killing.
    • Darrow, Rhonna, Thraxa, Alexandar, and Colloway rescue Orion from the minions of Atlas au Raa in the last week of December. DAprologue
      • During the rescue mission, Tongueless is killed by Ajax, the son of Atlas au Raa and Aja au Grimmus.

754 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • January:
      • In the first week of January, Darrow goes to visit among the wounded Republic soldiers and reunites with the old Gamma Helldiver Dago from Lykos among the wounded.
        • After Thraxa and Alexandar report that Atlas au Raa is making for the city of Angelia rather than taking the bate at Eleusis, Darrow and the Howlers take to the field.
        • When Darrow arrives, he learns that Atlas gained enough of a lead due to Thraxa and Alex’s sleep deprivation to leave a forest of impaled corpses outside the city.
        • Concerned that Atlas may have guessed part of his plan, Darrow asks Orion how quickly the Storm Gods can be activated before ordering her to initiate Operation Tartarus.
        • Darrow and the Howlers follow Atlas’ trail to an abandoned ore refinery in Angelia, where they discover that Atlas has used the power supply of the refinery’s reactor to cause a chain reaction and destroy the northern shield chain.
        • While nuclear missiles descend from orbit, Darrow begins giving orders to coordinate the Free Legions as the Iron Rain begins.
        • Lysander falls in the Rain along with Kalindora, Seraphina, and Ajax. After breaching the atmosphere, they fly north to make a secure landfall with the Thunderbolt Legion to make landfall for the first wave to assault Heliopolis.
        • Darrow and the Howlers fly across Mercury in the Necromancer to resupply at Skyhook Eleven. While restocking, the station is hit by an atomic bomb and decimated.
        • Darrow orders Colloway to take the Necromancer to collect Thraxa retreat from Kydon to Tyche while he heads for Tyche with the Second Army to ensure Tyche remains secure.
        • While crossing the Ladon, Lysander’s battle group is joined by the First Cohort Praetorian Guard under the command of SubLegate Rhone ti Flavinius.
        • Though the Praetorians swear allegiance to Lysander, he is quick to discourage notions that he seeks to become Sovereign. As they approach Heliopolis, the Storm Gods come online and begin generating hypercanes over the Sycorax sea and a massive sandstorm over the Ladon.
        • With his knowledge of the Storm Gods, Lysander is able to predict Darrow’s plan, so Ajax sends him, Kalindora, and Seraphina to bring down the one in the desert.
        • En route to the eye of the storm, they link up with Cicero au Votum’s Scorpion Legion, sent by his father to prevent Atalantia from seizing Heliopolis for herself.
        • The two forces arrive at the Storm God and quickly come under fire as Seraphina au Raa is killed by a rail slug launched from the garrison stationed on the ancient weather machine.
        • The storm continues to escalate in strength as Darrow arrives in Tyche to find a third of the city flooded.
        • Darrow orders Orion to turn off the storm, but she continute to escalate to Terraforming Level Four, intending to scour the surface and cripple the Society, feeling that the complicit citizens of Mercury a worthwhile sacrifice.
        • Darrow initiates the override he installed in the Storm Gods as insurance and forcibly disconnects Orion from the sync, killing her in the process of averting planetary destruction.
        • Darrow argues with Alexandar over the Arcosian knights’ request to deter the Ash Legions remaining in Tyche from seizing the gravLoop and evacuating into Heliopolis.
        • Screwface, having spent the last three years undercover in Atlantia’s Thunderbolt Legions, breaks cover and returns to the Free Legions to warn Darrow of the assault on Heliopolis.
        • Faced with the cost of Orion’s insubordination, Darrow orders Rhonna to return to the Morning Star and Thraxa to relay orders to relive Heliopolis.
        • Darrow relents and allows House Arcos to aid the evacuation of Tyche before he withdraws from the city with the Second Army to cross the Ladon to Heliopolis.
        • Lysander awakens at 0630 the following morning and regroups with Rhone, Kalindora, Cicero, and their surviving legions.
        • Lysander calls Ajax to be evacuated, but Aja’s son tells the grandson of Octavia that he is on his own.
        • Refusing to die in their feud, Cicero departs with two dozen of his men who still have enough power in their armor for flight.
        • With their armor power depleted and no way to evacuate, Lysander and the rest of the group prepare to make their stand at the remains of the Storm God as Darrow’s army approaches.
        • The Reaper defeats Lune’s unit with minimal effort and continues on to Heliopolis, leaving Lysander trapped beneath a fallen starShell as a broken boot thruster burns his face.
        • The Second Army arrives in Heliopolis to find Ajax’s army assaulting the city. Screwface departs to scout for potential attack points.
        • While they wait for Screwface, Darrow’s force is ambushed by Gorgons under the command of Atlas au Raa himself.
        • Before the Gorgons can castrate and kill Darrow, Colloway xe Char arrives with the Morning Star, distracting the enemy long enough for Darrow to break free.
        • With Atlas au Raa driven off, the First Army surges into Heliopolis. Combat against the Legio XX Fulminata lasts well into the afternoon.
        • After hours of combat and days without sleep, Darrow suffers a heart attack as the exhaustion of the battle finally catches up to him.
        • While Darrow recovers in the reception chamber of the Votum family estate, Thraxa arrives that night to declare that victory is theirs.
      • Four days after the battle, Mustang gives a speech from aboard the SRN dreadnought Echo of Ares, urging the citizens of the Republic to pressure their senators into sending reinforcements to the Free Legions.
        • Meanwhile, prototype orbital rail guns discreetly launch pods full of relief supplies towards Mercury.
        • While descending from orbit, Virginia and Holiday ruminate on politics before Dancer calls to discuss Virginia’s speech.
        • Virginia and Holiday arrive at Dictaeon Antron, a skyshook serving as the personal offices of Senator Daxo au Telemanus and informal headquarters of the Optimate Party.
        • After joining Daxo’s meeting with Senator Caraval, Virginia gives instructions to the Optimate political aides in preparation for the senate vote in three days.
      • The day before the vote, Virginia meets with the Zenith Ring. DAc26, DAc29
        • After the meeting, she returns to Sunhall to examine the crime scene footage from Sevro's execution of the Syndicate's Duke of Heads.
        • As she finishes analyzing the crime scene, Holiday arrives to inform her that Theodora's agents have captured the Duke of Hands.
        • After interrogating and tweaking the Duke’s memories at the black site with psycho-Spikes, Virginia steps out for a tea break with Theodora and Holiday.
        • When Sevro and the Howlers arrive, she berates them for their impulsiveness and reveals that she knew Victra’s plans all along.
        • With Sevro back on her side, Virginia finishes her interrogation of the Duke before going through his memories and realizing that the Duke was in regular contact with Dancer.
        • Virginia and Sevro confront Dancer about his affair with the Duke of Hands. Dancer lashes out under the mistaken belief that the two are attempting to blackmail him by threatening to make his homosexuality public knowledge.
        • Once he learns who his lover really was, he realizes he had been set up to take the fall of Pax's abduction. After pledging solidarity with Virginia in defeating the Society for good, the three of them put their heads together and determine that the Syndicate's real mole was Copper senator Publius cu Caraval.
      • On the day of the vote, Sevro and the Howlers track the Syndicate Queen to Earth while Virginia and Daxo enter the senate.
        • Dancer steps forward to give his support to sending reinforcements. Before he can finish giving his remarks, Dancer and several moderate Vox senators drop dead from poison released by the Syndicate.
        • While the Wardens stand passively by as the senators die, Virginia receives a garbled transmission from Sevro warning that the Howlers had been ambushed by Boneriders at the Syndicate Queen's hideout.
        • Caraval accuses Virginia of murdering her political opponents, and when his syndicate contacts disable the Citadel's security, a mob of Vox Populi radicals storms the Citadel.
        • Virginia and the Optimates flee the senate, and in the chaos, Daxo is killed by the Syndicate Queen, who reveals herself as Lilath au Faran, before Virginia herself is captured.
      • Ten days after the battle of Mercury and 3 days after the Vox coup, Diomedes au Raa departs Mercury to prepare for the Rim's entrance into the war.
      • Immediately after the coup, Sefi has Ephriam, Pax, and Electra shuttled off Mars while she confirms the facts of what happened with Niobe.
        • Four days later, they arrive on the Heart of Venus, where Sefi informs Pax of his mother's apparent death.
        • Sefi shows Ephriam the military preparations occuring within the former cruise ship and explains that in one week, the Obsidians are going to seize the helium mines of Mars' southern continent so that they can have a homeland that they control.
      • Six days after the vote, Atalantia contacts Darrow to deliver the news of Caraval's coup and outline her terms for his surrender.
      • To avoid dragging the entire army down with him, Darrow leaves the ultimate decision up to Thraxa, Screwface, Colloway, and Harnassus before retiring for the night as he broods over the fate of his wife and son.
      • Screwface wakes Darrow up the following morning, believing a walk among the troops will lift his spirits.
        • As they stand on the beach, the pods full of relief supplies sent by Virginia splash down in the water just off shore. After the Free Legions drag the pods up onto the beach, a message from Virginia plays.
        • With his spirits restored by his wife's message, Darrow returns to the command center, where Harnassus declares the group's decision regarding Atalantia's terms by launching a particle beam at one of her warships.
        • Darrow has the Master Maker Glirastes summoned as he begins planning their escape from Mercury.
      • Four days later, Ephriam joins Sefi, Valdir, and the rest of the Obsidians in seizing the mines of Cirennia.
        • Afterwards, Ozgard gets Ephriam drunk for three days straight.
      • The next day, Lysander, Kalindora, and Cicero’s group encounters another sandstorm on their trek across the Ladon.
        • The group races for cover, but Lysander cannot make it in time, and is forced to backtrack and hide inside a hydra burrow they had passed a few minutes before.
        • After the sandstorm passes, he emerges to find that his allies have all been captured by the Republic.
        • When he is alone, Lysander hears the voice of Apollonius au Valii-Rath critiquing his performance as Seneca au Cern arrives with a squadron of Iron Leopards with orders from Ajax to kill the last Lune.
        • Using the Mind’s Eye, Lysander manages to kill Seneca and all of his men. Afterwards, he convinces Apollonius not to kill him by offering him a good show.
        • Not convinced Apollonius isn't a dehydration-induced hallucination, Lysander continues his trek out of the desert.
      • Three days after the seizure of the mines, Ephriam comes off his hangover and fills in Pax and Electra on what happened.
      • The next day, Sefi and her Valkyrie, accompanied by Pax and Electra hunt a Nidhoggr ice drake, representing the bringer of winter in Obsidian mythology, to commemorate the beginning of winter on Mars’ south pole.
      • Lysander makes it out of the desert four days after killing Seneca, and finds an abandoned farmhouse with an aloe plant growing in the garden that he uses to treat the burn on his face.
        • After tending to his wound, he sets about restoring power to the farm so that he can get himself cleaned up and fed.
        • He leaves the farm two days later, and the following day he encounters a local family of Reds making their way out of the Valley of Erebos.
          • After being reassured that Lysander isn’t part of the Republic, the family informs him of the recent movement of Society forces.
          • Later that morning, Lysander arrives at the ruins of Erebos and finds the entire city flooded. As he travels amidst the ruins, he finds four hundred Republic soldiers impaled by Atlas au Raa as a message.
          • In the Fear Knight’s mountain base, Lysander is thrown in a cell with Alexandar, Drusilla, and Crastus to await interrogation.
      • Ephriam and Xenophon join Sefi's hunting party on the sixth day of the hunt. Though they finally manage to corner the beast, Sefi cannot bring it down. To save her life, Ephriam shoots the drake himself.
        • As the Echo of Ragnar sets down on the ice and Obsidian begin cutting off the drake’s parts to be cooked or used, Ozgard invites Ephriam to join in the ceremonies.
        • When Valdir strikes up a conversation with him, Ephriam warns the man that Sefi knows about his affair with Freihild.
        • After a heart to heart over the latter’s backstory, Ephriam and Ozgard go in search of Freihild to discuss her affair with Valdir, only to find her dead in what remains of Alia Snowsparrow’s throne room.
        • The two men are ambushed by a man claiming to be the Ascomanni king Volsung Fa, who declares his intention to challenge Sefi for her throne.
        • The Obsidian are skeptical of Ephriam and Ozgard’s testimony, but Sefi at least is willing to accept the possibility that the Kuiper Ascomanni are real.
        • In response to Freihild’s death, Valdir murders Sefi’s griffin and taunts his queen’s desire to make Volga her heir.
        • Sefi reveals that though she was bred in a lab, Volga is in fact the daughter of Ragnar Volarus. Sefi’s efforts to modernize the Obsidians are meant to ensure that Volga can be accepted as queen and a person after her aunt succumbs to Atalantia’s poison.
      • The next morning, the Pandora is attacked over Mars by Kuiper Ascomani. Volga and Lyria flee with Figment, while Victra gives the order to abandon ship as her security forces are overwhelmed.
        • The Ascomani begin dumping bodies from the Pandora over Alltribe lands, provoking Sefi to isolate her people from the rest of Mars.
        • Ephraim manages to smuggle Pax and Electra out of Olympia aboard the Snowball so that they can search for survivors. During the escape, Pax and Electra cut out the heartspike Sefi had implanted in Ephraim’s chest as insurance.
        • After their escape craft crashes on Mars, Lyria and Volga search for survivors. Lyria encounters Figment dying from her wounds, and takes the black orb the freelancer had been carrying.
        • As figment dies, a squid-like parasite crawls out of Figment's body and into Lyria's, replaying a recorded message before going dormant.
        • Volga and Lyria find Victra in the snow, but despite their anger at the woman for holding them prisoner, neither of them can bring themselves to harm her.
        • The three women are forced to flee on foot when the Red Hand approaches the crash site of Victra's shuttle.
      • The following day, Mustang is placed on trial by the People's Tribunal, a socialist government instituted on Luna after Caraval's coup.
        • Servilla au Arcos and Theodora were executed shortly before her trial.
        • Before the trial can begin, the proceedings are interrupted by the arrival of Lilath and the surviving Boneriders, angered at Publius’ attempt to dispose of them.
        • With the People’s Tribunal held captive in the Citadel along with Sevro and the Howlers, Lilath unveils her master: a clone of the late Adrius “The Jackal” au Augustus.
        • Adrius II has all of the Howlers but Sevro, Clown, and Pebble executed by cooking them inside an enormous iron wolf, while threatening to use Virginia’s psycho-spikes to completely erase Sevro’s mind.
        • While being forced to attend a banquet the Boneriders hold to celebrate their takeover of Luna, Virginia manages to start driving a wedge between Adrius II and Lilath by not only easily solving the puzzles the clone creates, but also revealing that she still keeps all the puzzles the original Adrius made stored in her office.
        • While talking with her brother’s clone in her office, Virginia manages to distract him and Lilath with Night Lilies and throw herself into an escape tunnel out of the Citadel.
        • Wounded by Lilath during her escape, Virginia is taken to the Reynard as the Telemanus fleet fights their way through the Vox blockade to escape Luna.
        • Despite her desire to go back and rescue them, Virginia is forced to leave Sevro and the Howlers behind as she sails for Mars, as Kavax has revealed that they’ve received a warning the Rim is coming.
      • The day after, Lysander meets with Atlas au Raa and make plans for the latter to infiltrate Heliopolis using the escape of Alexandar.
        • Lysander finally receives an audience with Atlas au Raa. They proceed to discuss the events of the last few weeks and make plans for Lysander to infiltrate Heliopolis so that they can liberate it before Atalantia’s chemical attack.
        • During their conversation, Atlas reveals that Ajax is envious of Lysander because he is in an incestuous relationship with his aunt and sees the Lune heir as competition for Atalantia's attention.
        • While the Gorgons are escorting him back to his cell, Lysander stages his escape, freeing his cousins and taking Atlas prisoner before leading them out of the base.
        • Lysander, Alexandar, Crastus, and Drsuilla flee across the Ladon with the captive Fear Knight in tow as Alexandar frantically sends out a distress signal to the Howlers.
        • Crastus and Drusilla are killed by pursuing Gorgons before Darrow and the Howlers arrive to airlift Lysander, Alexandar and their prisoner back to Heliopolis.
      • The next day, Glirastes vouches for Lysander’s cover identity of Cato au Vitruvius, and after running the young man through every lie detector and fact checking methods they have, Darrow releases “Cato” to the Master Maker’s custody.
        • That night, Lysander and Glirastes discuss Lysander’s plan to retake Heliopolis with the aid of the loyal mid and lowColors of the city.
        • Around this time, the Rim war fleet leaves Io to invade Earth.
      • Four days later, Glirastes and Lysander activate the EMP inside the Morning Star, crippling the defenses of the Republic stronghold and allowing Lysander to liberate the Society forces held as POWs.
        • Before activating the EMP, Darrow manages to discover Lysander's identity as the man in question is being given a tour of Heliopolis by Alexandar and Rhonna. When Darrow calls to warn the two, Lysander kills Alexandar.
        • With the power out, their prisoners freed, and the citizens of Heliopolis rallying around Lysander, Darrow and the surviving Free Legions are forced to fight through the streets, with Darrow and the core leadership of the Republic legions taking refuge in the Mound of Votum.
        • Just when all hope seems lost, Cassius arrives to evacuate them aboard the Archimedes.
          • Their departure is witnessed by Lysander, who keeps Cassius’ survival a secret to avoid the suspicion it would cast on him.
      • Around a week later, Victra, Lyria, and Volga find the Red Hand's base of operations in an abandoned mine. While discussing plans to get to the communications equipment and call for help, Victra goes into labor.
        • They take refuge in the home of a local Red fisherman, and Lyria assists with the delivery.
        • The fisherman is revealed to be a spy for the Red Hand. During the ensuing fight, Lyria and the other two women are separated.
        • Victra, and Volga are captured by the Red Hand, and Lyria returns to the cabin to find Ulysses nailed to a tree outside.
        • Lyria learns that the Red Hand are operating out of an abandoned helium mine nearby and are forcing the locals to provide them with child brides to breed a new generation of the Red Hand.
        • Lyria examines the box she found on Figment’s corpse and discovers several acid pouches disguised to look like false teeth.
        • Lyria enlists the aid of one of the local families whose daughter was taken as a bride by the Hand to pretty herself up and find a secure way to hide the acid teeth on her person.
      • The following morning, Lyria infiltrates the Red Hand base by presenting herself as an elligible bride. Once inside, she encourages the incoming brides to fight back, distributing the acid teeth among the girls.
        • After the wedding ceremony, Lyria and the girls kill their would-be husbands using the acid-filled teeth and proceed to wreak havoc in the Red Hand base.
        • After putting out a general distress call for help, Lyria is caught and imprisoned with Victra in what used to be the mine’s administrative complex.
        • Using another acid tooth to free themselves, Lyria and Victra proceed to hunt Harmony through the base until they confront her and throw her into a nest of adult pitVipers.
        • That night, Ephraim and the kids receive Lyria’s distress signal and boost it so that all of Mars can here, then fly off to the rescue.
        • Former Sons of Ares and Republic veterans arrive en masse to aid in the destruction of the Red Hand, while Pax destroys the Red Hand’s torchShip.
        • As the people of Mars rally to help round up the last of the Red Hand, Ephraim is reunited with Volga, and Lyria convinces Victra not to kill Ephraim for his transgressions against her family.
      • The next day, Ephriam and the others are all recovering in Attica at the Julii estate when Pax shows Ephraim a recording of Xenophon claiming to be making the exchange shortly before the Ascomanni attack, indicating that the White had been manipulating Sefi all along.
        • After taking Volga to visit Trigg's grave and saying his goodbyes, Ephraim heads back to Olympia to expose Xenophon and help Sefi maintain control of Alltribe.
        • After informing Ozgard of Xenophon’s treachery, Ephraim learns that Xenophon has allegedly arranged a peace summit between the Republic and the Alltribe.
        • While Ozgard leads the Skuggi to free Valdir from prison, Ephraim infiltrates Xenophon’s rooms and discovers that the logos is in fact a Gorgon agent operating under orders from Atlas au Raa himself.
        • Xenophon attempts to render Ephraim unconscious with the heartspike. Ephraim attempts to play along, but one of Xenophon’s Ascomani kicks him in the head.
        • When Ephriam awakes, Xenophon has framed him in front of Sefi for his own crimes. The Gorgon convinces Sefi to let Ephriam live long enough to witness Sefi’s speech the following morning.
      • In the morning, Ephriam and Ozgard are dragged into Griffinhold before Sefi’s war council, where the Obsidian queen declares war against the Ascomanni
        • Xenophon reveals his true colors to announce the arrival of Volsung Fa, proclaiming the Ascomanni king as the father of Ragnar and Emperor of the Obsidian.
        • Sefi duels Fa for the throne of Alltribe, but the Gorgon puppet ultimately dethrones and eats her before telling the Obsidians to sack Olympia.
        • Fa orders Xenophon to kill Ephriam using the heartspike Sefi had implanted in the freelancer and make it look as if a heart attack had killed him.
        • Ephriam had planted the heartspike in Xenophon’s pocket, killing the logos when the explosive Pax attached to it disintegrate him.
        • In retaliation, Volsung Fa rips out Ephraim’s heart and eats it as he dies.
      • Lysander’s triumph is held in the rebuilt Heliopolis. Despite his protests, the Praetorian guard wear the House Lune crest on their ceremonial uniforms.
        • At the top of the Triumphal steps in Heliopolis, Lysander proposes marriage to Atalantia to permanently unite House Lune and House Grimmus and maintain a show of unity to the other Gold.
        • Atalantia agrees to the match and holds off on assassinating Lysander. After the Triumph, she takes him up to her quarters on the Annihilo to consummate their impending union.
      • After waking up in Atalantia’s bed the next morning, Lysander returns to the surface to visit Kalindora as she slips away from poisoning.
        • Kalindora confesses to the bombing of Anastasia and Brutus’ shuttle, detailing how Lysander’s parents were plotting a coup against Octavia with support from Nero au Augustus and Revus au Raa.
        • Kalindora reveals that after the deaths of his parents, Octavia erased Lysander’s memories of his parents so that he would stop mourning them. Horrified, Lysander flees the villa.
        • Kalindora succumbs to the poison that night. Lysander and the Grimmus send her remains into the sun with a traditional Gold sendoff.
      • On the fourth day after Ephriam left to warn Sefi, Marian ships led by House Barca arrive at Olympia to provide aid to the other Colors after the Obsidians depart Olypmia.
        • That evening, Victra, Lyria, Volga, and the children hold a funeral for Ulysses. While Victra would prefer sending her newborn’s remains into the sun per Aureate custom, she gives Ulysses a burial so that Sevro can visit their child’s grave once he is rescued.
      • The next day, Volga and Lyria load Ephraim’s body into a racing ship to return him to Earth for burial when acting ArchGovernor Kieran O’Lykos arrives with a Sons of Ares escort.
        • Kieran reveals that word has reached Mars about the fall of Heliopolis and explains that Volsung Fa is offering to leave Mars in exchange for Volga.
        • Volga agrees to leave Mars with the Obsidian so that she can get close to Volsung Fa and kill him in revenge for Ephriam’s death.
        • After the Obsidians depart, Pax comes to Lyria with information about the parasite she inherited from Figment and how it could be used to help Volga.
        • On Mercury, Lysander begins overseeing the reconstruction of Tyche.
      • Under the joint command of Diomedes and Ajax, the allied fleets of the Rim and the Core successfully retake Earth.
      • Virginia finally arrives on Mars. At Kavax’s urging, she flies the Iron Circle around the planet’s circumference as a show of strength.
        • After reuniting with her son in Agea, Virginia goes to Hippolyte, where Victra is marshalling Julii Industries and the Sons of Ares for war.
        • Victra is enraged with Virginia for leaving Sevro behind on Luna but acquiesces when Virginia reveals the scars she endured just to get herself out alive.
        • Mollified for now, Victra embraces Virginia and swears that if they cannot rescue their husbands, then they will avenge them instead.
        • Word reaches Mars that Earth has fallen.
      • A few days after the reconstruction of Tyche begins, Lysander ventures out into the desert to meet with Apollonius away from prying eyes.
        • After setting up a banquet table filled with expensive food as a show of respect, Apollonius arrives to discuss Lysander’s plans going forward.
        • Lysander offers Apollonius his chance at revenge and glory in exchange for his services in the war.

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