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There are only approximate clues as to the time relationship between the era portrayed in the novel and the current Anno Domini era in real time. Due to the number of inhabitable planets and planet moons, it is clear that there is likely an established common time scale used across all of the Solar System. Based on Darrow's own narration in Chapter 40 of Red Rising, Earth reckoning is used for all dates noted across all novels. This is also supported by the use of Earth-time terminologies (a "day" instead of a Martian "sol"), as well as the fact that the highest government of the Society (the Sovereign) is based on Luna (Earth's moon).

According to Darrow and many of the other characters, Mankind began colonizing planets and enslaving Reds about 700 years prior to his era. There are also references made by several characters to wars before and during this period.

Based on Pierce Brown's own discretion, the first novel takes place at around 736 PCE (Post Conquering Era) in the Society.[1] This system is confirmed in the fourth novel Iron Gold chapters 6 and 18, where Ephraim's age and birth year are noted and setting the year as 753 PCE.

  • In Morning Star, while mentioning the Roman era and its fashion for Togas, Cassius and Darrow describe Roque as being born "3000 years too late". Based on your interpretation of the Roman era, this gives a timeline between 2500 and 3500AD, with the latter being more in tune with other clues left throughout the book.
  • A recent tweet gives a more precise idea as to when Red Rising takes place, and it can now be safely assumed that the Conquering occurred around 2100 A.D.

[2] This sets the events of Red Rising around 2836 A.D.

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  • Durations are often given as approximations; for example, both Golden Son and Morning Star mention Octavia au Lune having reigned for sixty years even though three years pass + these times, or of Lorn au Arcos holding the position of the Rage Knight for sixty years.
    • Considering that Darrow calculated the exact date of the Second Moon Lords' Rebellion (in March 742 PCE) as slightly over 60 years after the First MSc37, 40, this puts the First Moon Lords' Rebellion in approximately August 681 PCE, coinciding with Octavia au Lune's first regnant year.
  • Events in Red Rising occur between 736 and 738 PCE; Darrow is sixteen when he joined the Sons of Ares RRc08, and seventeen when he is drafted into The Institute. Events in the Institute take place for months.
    • A two-year interval occurs between these novels. GSc07
  • Events in Golden Son occur mostly between 740 and 742 PCE. Darrow's Triumph (and downfall) occurs in March 742 PCE. MSc37[3]
    • A one-year interval occurs between these novels. MSc02
  • Events in Morning Star occur in 743 PCE.
    • A ten-year interval occurs between these novels.
  • Events in Iron Gold occur in 753 PCE. IGc06, 18

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Legend Edit

Anno Domini (Pre-Conquering) Era Edit

  • Trojan War
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • World War III MSc53

Conquering Era Edit

1st Century, Post Conquering Era Edit

3rd Century PCE Edit

Late 3rd Century PCEEdit

  • The Obsidians instigate the Dark Revolt against the Golds, which failed and resulted in the massacre of 90% of their race. GSc34; MSc60

7th Century PCE Edit

636 PCE Edit

645 PCE Edit

  • Event:
    • Nine year old Octavia au Lune started a riot by throwing diamonds from an aircar. GSc14

649 PCE Edit

656 PCE Edit

  • Events:
    • The beginning of the House War between House Augustus and House Bellona. GSc28
      • The father of Nero au Augustus had a dispute with Julius au Bellona, Cassius's grandfather.
        • House Augustus attempted to have the Browns who serve House Bellona poison the entire Bellona family. The plan failed.
        • ArchGovernor Cylus declared his forces for House Bellona.
        • House Augustus was besieged in Agea where the fleet was destroyed and the remainder captured.
        • ArchGovernor Cylus put House Augustus to death, sparing only young Nero.
    • ArchGovernor Cylus raised Nero au Augustus in his court.
  • Deaths:
    • House Augustus; minus seven year old Nero au Augustus.

c. late 670s PCEEdit

676 PCEEdit

681 PCEEdit

696 PCEEdit

698 PCEEdit

8th Century PCE Edit

701 PCEEdit

  • Births:
    • Dale, Darrow's father RRc04; MSc50
    • Narol, Dale's brother RRc06

707 PCEEdit

c. 708 PCEEdit

710 PCEEdit

713 PCEEdit

717 PCEEdit

718 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Fitchner au Barca was seriously injured in a terraforming incident on Triton.GSc46
      • Fitchner falls in love with Bryn, a Red and fellow patient at the hospital.

719 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Fitchner and Bryn recover and settle on New Thebes, Mars.
    • Fitchner arranges for a Carver to adjust Bryn's DNA to allow her to have children with him.

720 PCEEdit

722 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Bryn's Carver discloses about Bryn's identity to the authorities.GSc46
      • The authorities interrogate Bryn and then executes her with achlys-9 for illegally marrying a Gold.
  • Deaths:

=723 PCEEdit

  • Births:

726 PCEEdit

  • Deaths:
    • Dale: executed for Preforming the Reaping Dance with companions as an act of peaceful Rebellion. MSc50

730 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Adrius au Augustus, in a scheme to get rid of his elder brother Claudius and gain favour from his father, pays Karnus au Bellona to hook up Claudius' girlfriend. GSc51
      • Claudius challenges Karnus to a duel, and is defeated and killed.

733 PCEEdit

735 PCEEdit

736 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Darrow marries Eo. RRc01
    • Darrow's mining clan, Lambda, loses the Laurel to rival clan Gamma.
    • Darrow and Eo are caught in the garden of the Tinpots without authorization, and are publicly punished with lashes by Ugly Dan in the presence of Martian ArchGovernor Nero au Augustus.
      • Eo sings the Song of the Reaper during her punishment, and is immediately sentenced to death for treason by ArchGovernor Augustus. RRc05
      • Eo secretly reveals to Dio about her pregnancy and pleads her not to tell Darrow.
      • Darrow buries his wife illegally, and is consequently hanged himself.
      • Darrow's uncle Narol cuts down Darrow as he falls into a coma, and secretly sends his body to the Sons of Ares.
    • Darrow meets Dancer and Harmony of the Sons of Ares, but he does not trust their words.
      • Dancer takes Darrow into a lift to the surface of Mars and lets him take his first glimpse of the terraformed world.
      • Darrow is convinced into partaking the Sons' mission.
    • Darrow is led by Dancer to Mickey the Carver in the Martian city of Yorkton, where he convinces Mickey of his Helldiving talent and potential.
      • Mickey proceeds to tear apart Darrow's bones and muscles and remake them based on the normal body structure of a Gold.
      • Darrow is drilled with the recordings of the Society's history and literature while he slowly gets used to his new body.
  • Deaths:

737 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Matteo the Pink educates Darrow the culture and mannerisms of Golds in the Society until he is well-versed and presentable as a Gold.
    • Harmony accompanies Darrow during his intensive physical training exercises.
    • Dancer guides Darrow in formulating his thought processes to emulate those of a Gold.
    • Darrow briefly meets Mustang during an amateur horse ride.
    • Dancer creates a fabricated background of House Andromedus for Darrow's personal information, and assembles a group of lowColors to emulate Darrow's personal servants.
    • Darrow finishes his preparations and takes the entry tests of The Institute.
      • Darrow passes all his tests with flying colors, and is escorted to The Institute in Agea, the captial city of Mars.
    • Darrow is drafted into House Mars, learns briefly about its past from Proctor Fitchner, and meets some of his fellow housemates: Cassius, Julian, Antonia, Priam, Titus and Roque.
      • Darrow is brought into The Passage in the early morning, where he is forced to kill Julian to pass.
      • Darrow befriends Cassius and conceals the murder of his brother from him.
    • House Mars is tasked of the quest to defend their assigned fortress, select their Primus (leader), and defeat and dominate all the other houses.
      • Mars separates into four main factions - one co-led by Darrow and Cassius, and the others by Antonia, Titus and Sevro.
      • Darrow briefly allies with House Minerva, led by Mustang, to eradicate the tyrannical Titus. He gains the loyalty and allegiance of Sevro and his Howlers during this period.
      • Darrow finds out Titus' true identity as a Red through his mannerisms. He orders Titus to be executed before House Mars to maintain house discipline.
      • Darrow defeats and enslaves Houses Minerva and Ceres, and learns of a dangerous opponent known as The Jackal from Mustang, who later escapes.
    • Darrow becomes Primus of Mars.
      • Antonia, Vixus and some of Titus' original followers murder Lea, a follower of Darrow. They attempt to overthrow Darrow in a coup, but it failed and they are subdued.
      • The Jackal sends Lilath, his messenger, to Cassius to deliver the HoloCam recording of Julian's death.
      • The enraged Cassius challenges Darrow to a duel outside Mars' fortress, severely wounding him and leaving him to die in the snow.
    • Darrow receives hallucinations about Eo as his consciousness wavers.
      • Darrow is nursed back to health by Mustang and led into the wilderness away from House Mars to escape from Cassius.
      • Darrow takes care of Mustang, who has fallen critically ill, and tells her about Eo and her dream. They begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.
      • Proctor Fitchner presents to Darrow the medicine to cure Mustang, and also reveals details of Proctor Apollo giving the Jackal the recording of Julian's murder.

738 PCEEdit

  • Events:
    • Darrow and Mustang defeat a band of Oathbreakers led by Milia and manage to gain their allegiance after successful negotiations.

c. 739 PCEEdit

740 PCEEdit

Notes and references Edit

  3. About a year later, after Darrow is rescued, Sevro remarks that they were both 23 years old.
  5. This occurs before Golden Son but by which Lysander already had basic awareness of his parents' death as he hears from Aja.
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