Tongueless is an Obsidian introduced in the Darrow chapters of Iron Gold.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tongueless is described as thin, past 50 years old, with a deep receding hairline and filthy beard. It is later found out that the hairline is because he was scalped. The name comes from the fact that his tongue has been cut out, so Darrow refers to him only as Tongueless. His body is covered in "more tattoo ink than [Darrow’s] ever seen on a man," including tattoo spirit eyes on his eyelids. He seems to have intelligent, curious eyes and holds himself like “a sinister mathematician studying string theory.”[1]

Involvement in Iron Gold[edit | edit source]

Tongueless is found in cell O-2983, where Darrow expects to find Apollonius au Vallii-Rath. He cannot speak, so they know little about him, but he offers to take them to the warden. He mimes that he was stabbed in the back. He gets along with the warden's dog, perhaps because he is familiar with it, or just as a characterization of not a bad guy (in comparison to the warden, who kicks the dog.) He implies that the warden is the one who took his tongue. [2] 

Involvement in Dark Age[edit | edit source]

Pre-Dark Age Speculation[edit | edit source]

Tongueless was often thought to be a character returned from previous books. Theories include that he could be Ragnar's father, based on age and enthusiasm to help Darrow, or even a carved version of the Jackal, based on his stylus spinning and missing tongue.   

References[edit | edit source]

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