"Today you wear purple, as did the Etruscan kings of old. You join them in history. You join the men who broke the Empire of the Rising Sun. The women who dashed the Atlantic Alliance into the sea. You are a Conqueror. Accept this laurel as our proclammation of your glory."

A Triumph is a celebration held by the victors once an entire planet is won from the opponent.

Formalities[edit | edit source]

The Triumph begins with the Leader of the victors riding a chariot at the beginning of the twelve kilometer-long Via Triumphia, hidden behind a red curtain. The Leader's two most trusted associates ride in the chariot in the leader's daggershadow. A young, blind White girl holding a flaming torch is guided by an older white to the curtain, who sets it alight. The victor's chariot sets forward after the Whites once the curtains have all burnt away.

Should there be no Gold casualties, white rose petals are used the cover the celebration route. If there are Gold casualties, red rose petals are used.

The Triumph Masks are created by Violets for the victor.

Darrow's Triumph[edit | edit source]

Lysander's Triumph[edit | edit source]

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