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  • Lykos - In Greek, "Lycus" means "Wolf."
  • "Two small men with quick green eyes and bald heads studded with metal spikes and tattooed with shifting digital codes suggest for me a trip to someplace called Osgiliath." - Chapter 10, referencing a city from The Lord of the Rings.
  • House Barca - The name "Barca" is from the Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca.
  • "'So this kid is a what? A predestined Alexander? A Caesar? A Genghis? A Wiggin?'" - Darrow, Chapter 34, referencing the popular sci-fi book, "Ender's Game," which follows a space battle school trainee, Ender Wiggin.

In Golden Son Edit

  • The Lost Wee Den, a Tavern on Luna. Intended to sound like "Joss Whedon," a famous director.

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  • "'Bye, Felicia!'" - Victra, Chapter 48, referencing a popular meme, originating from the 1995 film "Friday," starring Ice Cube.

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  • "'For the Republic!'" - Darrow, Chapter 53. referencing a popular quote from the Star Wars films.

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