Vixus au Sarna was a Gold who was in House Mars at the Mars Institute with Darrow. He was allied with Titus au Ladros at the Institute before Titus's death, and apparently enjoyed mutilating prisoners by cutting off their ears. He collaborated with Antonia au Severus–Julii to murder Lea and attempted to overthrow Darrow in a coup, which failed. He was crucified by House Pluto when they attacked House Mars.

Vixus was among the disguised Pinks at Darrow's Triumph who were responsible for the massacre of his allies.

In Morning Star, Vixus is revealed to have joined the ranks of the Boneriders, the Jackal's inner circle of killers. He is murdered by Darrow when Darrow escaped with Victra au Julii, as a message to the Jackal.