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Volga is an Obsidian character in the Iron Gold series. She is part of Ephraim ti Horn's group.

Volga is also the daughter of Ragnar Volarus and a Terran gladiator named Wrothga. She is one of 200 made from Ragnar's seed from varying mothers as part of a society breeding program. She was deemed a failure due to her stunted height and sent to earth to do slave labor.


Volga is 6 1/2 feet in height, which is small for an Obsidian. Her teeth are not in great condition due to second-rate dental work, and looks less threatening due to her height and the fact that she doesn't have dense wind calluses, making her sloping cheekbones more noticeable.


Though Ephraim considers her his killing-machine, she refuses to kill. She loves animals and visits the zoo when she has time. She's always eager to please Ephraim, to gain his approval and friendship.

According to Ephraim, Volga has always feared other Obsidians, thinking they would not welcome her as their own.


748 PCE

in 748 P.C.E. Volga came across a drunken, mugged, and beaten Ephraim at which point she took him to a hospital on earth. Ephraim later paid her back by taking her to Luna, where she stayed with him since her arrival there, learning Ephraim's trade.

Once on Luna. Volga performed a series of robberies and heists working under Ephraim leading up to the events of Iron Gold.

753 PCE (Iron Gold)

Under Ephraim's team, Volga assists in stealing the sword of Silenius. After they all receive their pay, she tentatively reveals to Ephraim's heist crew that she saved almost all of her share of the paydays and has more credits than basically everyone else put together.

Volga assisted in the kidnapping of Pax and Electra, but had misgivings about the whole matter, including killing anyone or anything. As they boarded the ship to take the children, all those on board were unconscious, save for Sophocles, Kavax au Telemanus' pet fox. Sophocles bites onto Dano's leg, but when Dano attempts to shoot it dead, Volga prevents this by prying Sophocles' jaw from Dano's leg and throwing the fox into the cockpit.

Before they can make their escape from the ship, Kavax awakens, and it is Volga that saves Ephraim's life as Volga's plasma stream hits Kavax in his side and throws him against the ship's hull. She then melts Dano's corpse, possibly to prevent anyone from tracking his identity back to Ephraim, and they make their escape with Pax, Electra, and Lyria in tow.

They deliver Pax and Electra to the Duke of Hands, only to see Cyra die for attempting to make a deal with the Duke, and Ephraim and Volga are the only ones left of their small crew. After they leave the Duke with the children and return to the hotel they arranged, Volga and Ephraim argue, and Volga leaves, hurt and angered by Ephraim's harsh words.

The next day, it is revealed that Volga was somehow captured and imprisoned by Holiday ti Nakamura, with the help of Lyria, who had managed to escape from Ephraim and Volga during the time they were delivering the kids to the Duke of Hands.

754 PCE (Dark Age)

Volga is first seen in Dark Age in a cell on Victra's ship, held captive, along with Lyria of Lagalos, in a neighboring cell. It is revealed that Volga is Ragnar's daughter, according to the test results that were done on her during her time imprisoned on Victra's ship. [1]

During her days on Victra's ship, with Lyria in the room next to her, she communicates with Lyria by stripping a piece of her clothing and using her blood to write to her, with Lyria doing the same.

After a non-specified amount of time locked on Victra's ship, both Volga and Lyria begin the process of transferring to a new location, escorted by Figment. They don't know where they're being transported to, but before they can find out, Ascomanni invade the ship.

Volga and Lyria manage to survive the vacuum of space for a brief moment, after the Ascomanni break through the ship, As they make their way through the ship to find a way to escape, they come across the leader of the Ascomanni, Volsung Fá, who calls out Volga's name as if he knows her, though Volga doesn't understand why.

After escaping Fá, Volga finds Fig, who had left them for dead during the Ascomanni break-in, but instead of killing Fig, they force her to find a way to escape. Fig leads them to Victra's escape hatch, and once they get in, they realize that Victra and her team are already on board, though Victra doesn't kick them out.

The escape pod crashes in Cimmeria, where Lyria finds Volga. Lyria finds Fig first, and after a brief exchange, Fig dies. Volga checks for vitals her own way and confirms Fig's death. Then stabs one of Fig's eyes with a knife. Volga then takes Fig's belongings, including a black orb. Lyria leads them to Victra, who's the only other person who survived the crash.

As they come across a village, they spot Harmony, and Volga offers to kill her for Lyria's sake, but Lyria does not take up the offer, which relieves both Victra and Volga. After Harmony and her group have left, the three of them takeover the home of Cormac O'Vadros. Volga stands as bodyguard while Victra gives birth to a boy. Unfortunately, Volga was not there when the Red Hand returned, leaving Victra, her baby son, and Lyria to fend for themselves. Victra and Volga were taken captive by the Red Hand and held prisoner at their base.

Volga spends the next two days as a prisoner for the Hand, working hard labor along with other Obsidian before Lyria is able to rescue her. She is then able to take leadership and direct the other Obsidian slaves as to what to do. After they succeed in overthrowing the Red Hand, Volga, Lyria, and Victra are able to escape the base. They then meet up with those who arrived to assist, including the ship with Ephraim, Pax, and Electra manning it. Ephraim and Volga are reunited.

At the Julii estate, she and Ephraim exchange stories of what has happened to them since they last saw each other. Ephraim offers her to leave with him to Earth, which she eagerly accepts. Unfortunately, Ephraim is killed before they even leave Mars, having tried to save Sefi from the Ascommani, per the request of Pax. Volga escapes the estate when Ephraim doesn't return at the rendezvous time. She finds what's left of Ephraim's body at the Eagle Rest, and holds him in her grief until Lyria and the rest of the Victra's soldier's arrive three days later.

Volga is unable to forgive Pax for his part in Ephraim's willingness to help Sefi, but she accepts Victra's oath that House Barca will answer if she ever calls upon them for help. As Volga and Lyria prepare to take Ephraim's body back to Earth, the ArchGovernor of Mars, Kieran O'Lykos, arrives with news that Volsung Fá has offered to stop all the killing and violence only if Volga goes to him. Volga agrees to this, making Lyria promise to take Ephraim's body to South Pacifica.



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