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Volsung Fá is the leader of the Ascomanni. We first meet him in Dark Age. We find out later in the book that he is a Gorgon who works for Atlas au Raa, according to Xenophon, and is supposedly the father of Ragnar Volarus and Sefi the Quiet.


His build is even much larger than the average Obsidian. According to Ephraim ti Horn, he looks to be about fifty years old, though should be more than eighty if he is indeed the father of Ragnar Volarus.

The front third of his throat is metal, with the trachea ribbed gray. His left forearm and hand are of metal, with metal fingernails sharp as daggers that appear to slide on rails. His nose is also half scarred. he has a tail of hair so long it touches his ankles. his body is covered in metal plates and scars.

He wears armor that, according to Lyria of Lagalos, is "thick, rough, and jagged, festooned all over with spikes that are almost as long as those that make the crown atop his skull helmet."

The sides of his skull are webbed with blue worm veins due to age rejuvenation therapy. [1]


Volsung Fá's left hand and forearm are completely made from metal with dagger-sharp metal fingernails that appear to be able to slide on rails.

The Fleshchain is a long chain that holds the skulls of several dozen Ascomanni kings.

Volsung Fá's Warsaw/spear is made of a metal that Ephraim claims to have never seen. It glimmers in the light, teeth on the spear move along the length of the spear in a sawing motion. It's able to split along at least one section of the haft, being connected by some sort of wire.

Fist blade, it's crescent-shaped. not much else is known about it.

Fa uses his spiked armor as a weapon, smashing into his opponents impaling them upon it.


It can be deduced that he joined Atlas au Raa in his mission in the Kuiper Belt, but Atlas was sent after Anastasia au Lune and Brutus au Arcos were killed[2].

He infiltrated the Ascomanni and gained their leadership through his battles in the Kuiper Belt, at the Fear Knight's orders. After Atlas gained control of the Ascomanni through Volsung, he returned to the Core to find it at war with the Solar Republic. According to Xenophon, Volsung is a piece of the puzzle, used to destroy House Raa and cause the fall of the Rim Dominion, as well as destabilizing the Solar Republic so it's too fragile to withstand[3].


Dark Age

Volsung is responsible for the death of Freihild, and was only seen by Ephraim ti Horn and Ozgard after the fact. But because of this, some of Sefi's warriors, including Valdir, do not believe Volsung Fá is real, blaming Sefi for Freihild's death instead.

He is next seen by Volga and Lyria on board Victra's ship, when the Ascomanni breach it. Volga and Lyria see him for the first time there as he calls out Volga's name.

He makes his final appearance at Sefi's Royal Court, where he brutally kills Sefi in a duel and claims her throne. He then orders his Ascomanni and those that follow him to kill, rape, torture, or enslave the citizens in Olympia, leaving a massacre scene in his wake.

He declared in front of Sefi's Royal Court that he is Vagnar Hefga, broodmate to Alia Snowsparrow[1]. However, Ragnar said in Morning Star that his first father (biological father) went to become a slave before he was born and his mother never speaks his name[4].

According to Sefi, though, Vagnar took her brother and her hunting one last time before the Golds called him back and Sefi never saw him again[5]. Vagnar was House Grimmus' slave knight and 'begat scores of spawn'. He was known as 'The Pale Horse.

It is unknown whether he is indeed Vagnar or Society intelligence managed to construct his story perfectly. Although, Xenophon claims that he was borrowed from House Grimmus[3] and he managed to convince Sefi's warlords.

He does claim to have live three lives, apparently separating different times in his life. The first life is that of Vagnar Hefga, the first broodmate to Alia Volarus as well as broodfather to Ragnar and Sefi. The second life is his time as Pale Horse, the slaveknight to Atlas au Raa, and lastly of his current moniker.

After killing Sefi, he claims her razor, which was formerly owned by Aja au Grimmus. Ephraim ti Horn, who was witness to the death of Sefi, attempts to kill Volsung Fá and Xenophon with a bomb he had hidden in Xenophon's pocket. Xenophon was killed, but Fá survived, killing Ephraim afterward by taking his heart out of his chest.

Volsung leaves Olympia with Sefi's army and fleet, and a message for ArchGovernor of Mars Kieran O'Lykos that he promises to end any further acts of violence toward the Solar Republic if they convince Volga Fjorgan to join him.



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