Xenophon is a Logos, a particularly elite class of White. Xenophon is agender, and is thus referred to as "they" or "them."

We meet them in Dark Age, in Ephraim ti Horn's narrative, where they are introduced as Sefi the Quiet's trustworthy advisor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

They are described as bald, with a childish face, skin the color of raw chicken, and milk-colored eyes. As a signifier of their status as a logos they have a large diamond between their eyes.

They are thin in build, having Ephraim compare them to a salamander. They are often seen wearing a heavy cloak or thermal gear due to being cold easily.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Though they serve Sefi well, they do not particularly express any kind of emotion, or just a look of boredom, through most of the book, according to Ephraim's observations of them.

Xenophon likes playing karachi, as likely all Whites do. Xenophon appears to truly have Sefi's best interest in mind throughout most of the book, and they admit to knowing she was remarkable.

They are not completely without feelings, as they showed genuine emotional hurt when Ephraim calls them out for not being human, like he or Sefi.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Throughout most of the book, Xenophon displays ultimate respect and loyalty towards Sefi, advising her on the best course of action, which she agrees to most of the time. He often relays information in her stead.

Xenophon is the one who explains to Ephraim that Victra au Barca hired Figment to extract Volga Fjorgan and Lyria of Lagalos from Virginia au Augustus. They are present when Sefi makes a deal with Ephraim, and procures the contract for Ephraim to sign.

Ephraim plays a game of karachi with Xenophon as a lesson for the skuggi to learn how to lie, and to learn how to read the opponent where he then points out Xenophon's tic, which is their fast blinking. When Ephraim has the skuggi practice with each other, he observes Valdir the Unshorn watching Freihild. Xenophon hints at knowing what is going on between Valdir and Freihild and warns Ephraim to not get involved. Xenophon then tells Ephraim how they had been a slave of Atlas au Raa for a long time, but that Valdir was the one who took them in, where they had proven themselves of worth to Sefi. He also mentions that they advocated for Sefi to stay with Darrow O'Lykos, and that they did not advocate to hiring Ephraim, both of which Sefi did not heed.

When they're on the Heart of Venus, they find coded messages from deepspace for Amel, Sefi's Pink servant, ordering for Sefi's assassination. Sefi has Amel executed while Valdir, Ephraim, Pax, and Electra watch. Valdir thinks Ozgard gave incorrect intel, but Sefi tells him that Xenophon found the intel, and Valdir cannot argue that since he trusts Xenophon more than Ozgard.

During the drake hunt, Xenophon tells Ephraim it will be their third one to witness, though they advised Sefi against it. They are well informed about the drake, explaining the particular ice drake being hunted is of the Níðhöggr strain, a rare and most revered creature in Obsidian mythology, and nicknamed "He Who Strikes With Malice." After the drake is killed, Xenophon does not join the feast celebration as they were not invited.

Though Ozgard and Ephraim were witness to Volsung Fá at Freihild's death, Valdir claims that Ozgard is lying and that Xenophon does not believe it. Xenophon later uses their test sample kit to test Valdir's drink after he killed all the griffin. When it's shown that Valdir's drink was spiked with fever cloud mushroom, Sefi blames Ozgard. This makes Sefi now rely mostly on Xenophon's advice and guidance, and ignoring Ozgard.

It is later revealed that Xenophon, not Ozgard, was to blame for the Ascomanni attack on the Pandora. It is not mentioned, but it is also likely that Xenophon was the one to spike Valdir's drink, knowing that Sefi would put blame on Ozgard. When Ephraim escaped with Pax and Electra, Sefi put all her trust on Xenophon.

We also find that Xenophon is still serving Atlas au Raa as a double agent, and is charged with signaling Volsung Fá, who is also working under Atlas, of when to arrive on Eagle Rest. They are to be rewarded for their loyalty to Atlas after they are successful in taking the Alltribe.

When Xenophon is confronted by Ephraim, they introduce themselves with the titles of "First Frumentarius, Legio Zero Pavor Nocturnus," [1] an elite spy and member of Atlas' black-ops legion. A handful of Ascomanni appear to protect Xenophon from Ephraim, and Xenophon uses this moment to use a heartspike controller on Ephraim, thinking he still has it embedded in his chest.

The next day, before Ephraim and Ozgard are to be executed, Xenophon makes the signal and Volsung Fá makes his entrance. Xenophon reveals his true allegiance, and Sefi realizes her mistake too late. After Sefi's death, Ephraim activates the power switch on the heartspike was that taken out of him, and turned into a bomb, into Xenophon's pocket. When Fá orders Xenophon to kill Ephraim, they find the controller doesn't work, and they realize too late the bomb in their pocket, killing them when it goes off.

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References[edit | edit source]

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